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  1. General Motors Discussion
    For more stories like this one, Chevrolet, Isuzu Team Up on New Commercial Trucks please visit
  2. General Motors Discussion
    Looks sharp, nice ad. I think they are pushing it a little on the fender fin thing with those plunging LEDs. 2nd Version with speaking parts.
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  4. Ford Brand News - Global
    Introducing the All-New Ford Mustang - Europe
  5. Ford Corporate News
    2014 Ford Focus Electric Commercial - Europe
  6. Lincoln Brand News
  7. Competition News
    Nice video, I would like to see someting like this for Lincoln
  8. Lincoln Brand News
    Complete Ad, very interesting:
  9. Lincoln Discussion
  10. Lincoln Discussion
    better than the steer the script
  11. Lincoln Discussion
    Back in the 80s during GM's dark days. Lincoln ran a commercial that GM exes asked Ford to take down check it out here: This wasn't up on youtube for a very long time. VERY interesting to see now and to see how things have changed for Lincoln in the worst way in the past few years.
  12. Global JMC & Troller News
    By Carmen Lee July 14, 2012 Gasgoo (Shanghai July 13) - After decades of relative silence in the commercial vehicle industry, Jiangling Motor Corporation made a surprising announcement. Last week, the manufacturer confirmed that it would officially be absorbing fellow Jiangxi-based...
  13. Ford Brand News - Global
    Luke Vandezande May 01 AutoGuide In an interesting marketing tactic, Ford‘s latest commercial uses an unusual scheme to get attention: it doesn’t mention the brand at all. Viewers are used to commercials like the chest-thumping superbowl commercials that throw branding in your face like a team...
  14. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford to Enter the Commercial Vehicle Segment in India? New Delhi: Michigan-headquartered global auto major Ford Motor Company will soon enter India’s fast-growing commercial vehicle market through its wholly owned subsidiary Ford India. The company is in the last phase of firming up its plans...
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  17. Ford Truck Discussion
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  18. Ford Car Discussion
    Courtesy of Link: The Ford Focus is an automotive study in duality. Europeans get a really good, second generation version of Ford's C-segment wunderkind, while motorists here in the...
  19. Ford Car Discussion
    FORD TO OFFER FIRST BATTERY ELECTRIC COMMERCIAL VEHICLE ON GLOBAL TRANSIT CONNECT PLATFORM The first product in Ford’s aggressive new electric vehicle plan, a battery electric-powered version of Ford’s global Transit Connect commercial vehicle, will be offered in 2010 Ford is collaborating...
  20. Lincoln Discussion
    saw a new starship themed commercial for the MKS+MKX tonight here's a very similar if not the same one on YouTube nice to see them building on the first one :)