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  1. Nissan reveals new Note global compact

    Competition News
    By Drew Johnson Jul 16th, 2012 LLN Nissan has revealed an updated version of its Note global hatchback. The Note will launch in Japan later this year, followed by a European release sometime in 2013. Sporting Nissan’s latest design language, the latest Note arrives with a more aerodynamic...
  2. 2012/2013 Compact Crossover SUV Comparison (MT)

    Ford Brand News - Global
    1ST PLACE: 2013 Ford Escape Doing It Right By: Kirill Ougarov By its nature, this segment doesn't really have room for greatness. That said, the new Ford Escape is about as close to being great as a compact CUV is going to get. While not at the top of the pack in every aspect, the Escape does...
  3. Links to new Dodge compact sedan

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    I have provided a couple of links to spy photos of the new compact sedan from Dodge: Link:, Source: Edmunds Inside Line. Link:, Source...
  4. Shanghai 2011: Nissan Compact Sport Concept

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    NISSAN REVEALS COMPACT SPORT CONCEPT 19th April PistonHeads This is the new Nissan Compact Sport Concept, a kind of Micra GTI, that's just been unveiled at the Shanghai motor show. Now, the Chinese aren't exactly renowned for their love of hot hatches, and the cutesy Micra probably wouldn't be...
  5. Ford to Make Compact SUVs in China, Boost Marketing Spend

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford to Make Compact SUVs in China, Boost Marketing Spend Apr 19, 2011 Bloomberg April 19 (Bloomberg) -- Ford Motor Co. (F) said it will make the next generation of its Kuga compact sport-utility vehicle in China and boost marketing spending to help win sales in the world’s largest auto market...
  6. Lincoln Compact CUV possibly named MkD, MkC confirmed, Aviator reborn

    FIN Headline News
    Lincoln Compact CUV possibly named MkD, MkC confirmed, Aviator reborn Lincoln expands as rebirth begins April 11, 2011 By: Austin Rutherford Last week a report came to the forefront that Ford has assigned a crack team of 85 staffers to work on the Lincoln brand. Now...
  7. 2012 Ford Focus is 'single best compact car in the world'

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Everything is all upside-down. When January sales figures arrived last week, the automotive conventional wisdom was spun on its head. The Ford Fusion outsold the Honda Accord. Chevrolet sold nearly 30 percent more Cruzes than Toyota sold Priuses. What's going on? For years, millions of...
  8. Non-Ford, compact HSV Render.

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    I'll get on a compact FPV at some stage, but for now, here's my HSV:
  9. 2013 Lincoln compact CUV

    Lincoln Discussion
    Now that Ford is stating the production of the Lincoln version of the new Escape/Kuga will start in June 2012, we can expect it to be at dealers by August for the 2013 model year. Will it be styled similar to the Concept C, or will the new design chief have enough time to bring out the new...
  10. Next Autoworks' 2012 compact car

    "Other" American Automakers Discussion
    Details emerge on Next Autoworks' 2012 compact car Autoblog November 27, 2010 by Jonathon Ramsey Next Autoworks, nee V-Vehicles, recently hired CEO Kathleen Ligocki to shepherd its planned 2012 car through to production. The design of the car itself was overseen by Tom Matano, who penned the...
  11. Thailand: Mazda, Ford Invest in Next-Generation Compact Pickup

    Ford Corporate News
    AutoAlliance Thailand will pour $350 million into compact-pickup plant. More...
  12. GM takes gamble on compact Cruze

    General Motors Discussion
    The company, which has a past littered with compact wrecks like the unsafe Corvair and rusty Vega, plans to roll out the Chevrolet Cruze in September -- betting it can attract younger drivers and succeed in the most competitive segment of the worldwide auto market. GM owners may know that...
  13. Breaking Compact mercury model coming in 2011

    Mercury Discussion At the National Automobile Dealers Association convention in Orlando, FL on Sunday, Ford's President of the Americas Mark Fields announced the first new product for Mercury in several years. The...
  14. Fields reconfirms Mercury compact

    Mercury Discussion
    From Automotive news (which you need to pay to get): "In the Lincoln Mercury stable, Lincoln will get the bulk of new products going forward. Fields noted that Mercury is still slated to receive a new compact car, which will go into production late this year. It’s a derivative of the 2012 Ford...
  15. What should the new Compact Mercury be named?

    Mercury Discussion
    What nameplate should be graced upon Mercury's new compact car? 1. Tracer 2. Comet 3. Lynx 4. Mystique 5. Topaz 6. Meteor 7. Monarch 8. Other 9. A new nameplate
  16. AutoNews: Ford may give Lincoln a compact

    Lincoln Discussion
    Ford may give Lincoln a compact JAMIE LAREAU AUTOMOTIVE NEWS SEPTEMBER 4, 2008 - 12:30 PM ET LOMMEL, Belgium -- Ford Motor Co. is considering a compact, or C-segment, vehicle for its Lincoln luxury brand, product development chief Derrick Kuzak said today. "We do think that there is...
  17. BREAKING! Chevrolet Now Makes the Most Fuel-Efficient Compact and Midsize Cars

    General Motors Discussion
  18. Purpose-built: Ford Transit Connect Delivers Unique Compact Versatility For American

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    PURPOSE-BUILT: FORD TRANSIT CONNECT DELIVERS UNIQUE COMPACT VERSATILITY FOR AMERICAN BUSINESS Purpose-built for small business owners, the Ford Transit Connect is a versatile compact van that offers a fuel-efficient alternative to full-size commercial vans. Transit Connect, debuting at the...
  19. New Ford Compact car

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    Introducing the Ford Fido (Based on JDM Mazda Spiano which is in turn based on the Suzuki Lapin). I didn't change too much, I got a little carried away with the lights though. I made it JUST for you guys, so I hope you like it or find it interesting at least :cool: .
  20. Ford India Considers Exporting Fiesta Compact Sedan To U.S.A.

    Ford Car Discussion
    New Ford subcompact coming to U.S. : Fiesta Compact Sedan To U.S.A. have heard from my friend's uncle(who works in Ford India) that Ford of India is seriously considering exporting its fiesta B-segment car to USA as soon as December 2007 as part of Ford India's overseas expansion plan...