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  1. Ranger Smacks the Competition in The great Aussie SUV Ute (Pick Up) Test.

    Ford Truck Discussion
    Results Ute Claimed Actual Variance Navara 7.0L/100km 8.8L/100km 26 per cent over Triton 7.6L/100km 8.2L/100km 8 per cent over D-Max 8.1L/100km 10.9L/100km 35 per cent over Amarok 8.3L/100km 8.2L/100km 1 per cent under HiLux 8.5L/100km 11.7L/100km 38 per cent over Ranger 9.0L/100km...
  2. Another Cadillac Sales Exec Is Out As Sales Slump Amid Stiff Competition

    General Motors Discussion
    Cadillac U.S. sales chief Bill Peffer is out after less than 10 months, the brand's third head of sales to leave in two years as the executive turnover continues inside General Motors' sales organization. Peffer's departure marks the latest executive churn at Cadillac, which is trying to...
  3. Ford Offers its Inflatable Seatbelts to the Competition

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    For the whole story, Ford Offers its Inflatable Seatbelts to the Competition and a lot more, visit
  4. 2015 Lincoln MKC vs The Competition

    Competition News
    2015 Lincoln MKC: How does it stack up against the competition? The 2015 MKC is about to hit showrooms in April. For 2014 there will be 4 primary c-segment(105-108 inch wheelbase) competitors. The Audi Q3, Acura MDX BMW X1 and the Mercedes Benz GLK. With the 2015 MKC also having the...
  5. Ford's 2013 Fusion Hybrid Dominates Competition

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford's 2013 Fusion Hybrid Dominates Competition The Motley Fool at It's difficult to believe that a few short years after Detroit automakers were specifically known for producing gas-guzzling SUVs that Ford (NYSE: F ) has designed a hybrid that's dominating the market. It's won...
  6. Ford Brings Competition to the Customer; Hosts 13-City EcoBoost Challenge

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford is taking the competition head on, inviting customers across the country to put the automaker’s popular fuel efficient EcoBoost powered vehicles to the test against its competitors while also getting the opportunity to drive the highly anticipated Fiesta ST. The Ford EcoBoost...
  7. Ford execs predict 'steady' U.S. growth, more competition

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford execs predict 'steady' U.S. growth, more competition Automotive News January 14, 2013 DETROIT (Reuters) -- Ford Motor Co.'s top executives predicted steady, consistent growth in the U.S. auto market this year and remained confident in the company's earnings prospects despite increasingly...
  8. Ford's Electrification Strategy Versus the Competition

    Ford Brand News - Global
    DEARBORN - By the end of 2012, Ford will deliver five new electrified vehicles in North America. The Transit Connect Electric small commercial van is on sale and Ford recently started taking customer orders for the all-new Focus Electric, with production beginning later this year. Next year...
  9. 2011 Ford F-150 EcoBoost Beats Competition

    Ford Brand News - Global
    GLOWING TOWING SHOWING: 2011 FORD F-150 ECOBOOST BEATS COMPETITION AT DAVIS DAM DEMONSTRATION Ford Press Release 2011 Ford F-150 EcoBoost™ won a powertrain performance exercise against the competition towing a trailer up Davis Dam area in Arizona 3.5-liter EcoBoost truck engine defeated...
  10. Ford PI out performs the competition

    Ford Motor Company Discussion beats the Caprice and Charger in V8 forms and V6 forms
  11. Roush Yates to supply Ford EcoBoost V6 for 2011 ALMS competition

    FIN Headline News
    Roush Yates Engines has announced that it will be offering up a race-prepared version of Ford's 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 for American Le Mans Series prototype competition in 2011. Roush Yates is developing the engines for use under the new 2011 LMP2 rules that require production-based engines. This...
  12. SCCA Solo Competition

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Burning up my own tires, for a change.Gotta love autocross, one of the most affordable (and technically demanding) forms of motorsport. And with one of the greatest event sites—the runways at the former El Toro Marine Corps Air Station in California—a mere three miles from my house, I’d be...
  13. Audi Finds Real-Life Tony Stark via Iron Man 2 Competition

    European Competition
    HERNDON, Virginia — As part of an intriguing tie-in with release of the movie "Iron Man 2," Audi of America set out to find a real-life Tony Stark. It announced the winner of its search on Tuesday, saying that an M.I.T graduate student who created a digital bulb with built-in Internet technology...
  14. MT: Fiesta Spank Competition

    Ford Brand News - Global
    MT: Fiesta Spank Competition Having vanquished the Old World to become the best-selling car in Europe, Ford's Fiesta has been readying its attack on our shores via some seriously subversive methods. Last year, for instance, Ford dropped 100 Fiestas behind our lines as part of its Fiesta...
  15. Automakers' competition fierce for law-enforcement fleets

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Automakers' competition fierce for law-enforcement fleets PLYMOUTH, Mich. — For much of this decade, a familiar shape, roaring over the horizon with lights ablaze, has comforted distraught crime victims and frightened lawbreakers. Next year, production ends for that fixture on American roads...
  16. Make your own Mustang movie - Ford competition

    Mustang Discussion
    Make your own Mustang movie 2008-08-24 Accelerate your film career with Ford Mustang competition
  17. Suddenly Cobalt Beats its Competition (

    General Motors Discussion