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  1. GM's quarterly profit plunges on recall costs

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    Mike Colias Automotive News July 24, 2014 - 7:36 am ET DETROIT -- General Motors today posted an 85 percent drop in second-quarter net income, hurt by recall-related expenses including a special charge of $400 million for the cost of a program to compensate victims of GM’s faulty ignition...
  2. Big Costs Hit Ford Motor Company's Profits Hard

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    By John Rosevear April 25, 2014 Motley Fool
  3. Ford to maintain Canadian factory footprint despite high labor costs

    Ford Corporate News
    Investment plan in works for Oakville plant Craig: "It's between the business partners that we have, certainly the government, that will enable us to at least keep the footprint that we have today." May 21, 2013 - 12:49 pm ET TORONTO (Bloomberg) -- Ford Motor Co., Canada's top-selling...
  4. Tesla lowers Model S financing costs, guarantees highest resale value

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    Tesla lowers Model S financing costs, guarantees highest resale value of any luxury sedan Autoblog May 3, 2013 by Sebastian Blanco A month ago, Tesla Motors announced what it called a "revolutionary" financing option, and waved some magic pixie dust around to come up with a monthly cost of like...
  5. 2013 Ford Explorer Sport Costs $41,545: Most Expensive Model

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Luke Vandezande Jun 07, 3:52 PM AutoGuide Appearing on the company’s consumer website today, pricing for Ford’s performance crossover, the Explorer Sport, is available. With a twin-turbo V6 Ecoboost 3.5-liter V6 capable of more than 350 hp, the company’s most athletic crossover will cost...

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    FORD E-SERIES VANS CUT FUEL COSTS, CO2 EMISSIONS IN UNIQUE WAY – VAN POOLING CO Ford E-Series vans can achieve a whopping 150 passenger-miles per gallon each day as commuter vehicles for VPSI Inc., a leader in developing and maintaining world-class vanpool programs Ford E-Series vans...
  7. Ford To Cut Material Costs

    Ford Corporate News
    Using a company called Endeca. Interesting.
  8. IIHS: Focus rated #1 in accident repair costs

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    IIHS IIHS: The front bumper of the Focus is tall enough to do a reasonably good job in the full-width test. Repairs cost less than $600. In contrast, damage to the Elantra of nearly $5,000 in the same test is equal to almost one-third of the car's sales price. "The Focus shows that decent...
  9. Ford cutting North American engineering costs

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    Ford Motor Co (NYSE:F - News) expects to cut its engineering costs in North America by 30 percent under its broad plan to cut complexity and improve global sourcing of materials and development, the automaker's product development chief said at a conference on Monday. Derrick Kuzak declined to...
  10. Autonews: TATA Faces Rising Costs...

    European Competition
    Automotive News | March 17, 2008 - 1:00 pm EST MUMBAI (Reuters) -- Faced with rising borrowing costs as a global credit crunch deepens, India's Tata Motors Ltd. is keen to close a deal to buy Ford Motor Co.s Jaguar and Land Rover luxury brands by the end of this month. At the same time...
  11. Automotive News: Ford Quality Cuts Warranty Costs

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    Hinrichs: Ford quality cuts warranty costs David Barkholz Automotive News | 11:57 am, August 6, 2007 TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. -- Ford Motor Co.'s quality gains in the past year are beginning to contribute to major savings on warranty costs, Ford Manufacturing Vice President Joe Hinrichs said...
  12. UAW-Workers, Companies Do Agree on Costs

    Ford Employee Discussion
    UAW, Automakers Enter New Contract Talks Sunday August 5, 2:32 PM EDT <!-- Body -->DETROIT (AP) — As bargainers for the United Auto Workers and the domestic automakers try to reach a new contract, Kenneth Cooksey is one of many workers who doesn't understand why the companies are so...
  13. Warranty Costs Down

    Ford Corporate News
    JP Morgan analyst Himanshu Patel said lower warranty costs bolstered Ford's North American results by about $400 million during the quarter and helped the automaker beat Wall Street expectations. "The underlying upside was still quite impressive," he said in a note for clients. Yahoo Finance