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  1. 2010½ Cougar

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    this is NOT how I'd design a Cougar... (reason it's not in Mission:MERCURY!) ...merely what I was able to chop, & what the pose suggested. Hope you enjoy btw the color is Iridium/FreshCopper - more muted, paler, yet redder than SunsetGold
  2. Cougar

    Mercury Discussion
    Anyone have any insider news that this has even been brought up and what Ford says about it?
  3. My '01 Mercury Cougar ZN

    Member's Driveway
    Here are a few pix of my Cougar.
  4. Cougar!!!!!!!!

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    I did a chop of my 05 Mustang GT into a Cougar....but I changed my mind LOL. didn't like it.
  5. Kappa Fighting Cougar

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    First sketch..I used the Messenger as a starting point but this is a smaller car based on a rwd platform too small for a Mustang. While a definate departure from any of the Cougar's previous roles I think this pays proper homage to the original without crowding any other Ford offerings, like the...