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  1. New Taurus/MKS COUPE????????

    Ford Car Discussion
    I see alot of talk about the Taurus, but any body noticed the COUPISH looking car in the background? I think this could be more of a reason for Ford to flip out on the bloggers than the Taurus we know is coming........ Could it be an MKS coupe?, to compete with the CTS coupe???????????? Or our...
  2. MX-5 Coupe...Mazda Considering Launching a Coupe MX-5 In US

    Mazda Discussion
    MAZDA PLANNING MX-5 COUPE FOR UNITED STATES? Mazda is seriously considering launching a Hard Top Coupe version of the popular MX-5 Miata to fit in along side the upcoming refresh of the MX-5 Miata Roadster. The scan above comes courtesy of Auto Mazda's MX-5 Miata is the little...
  3. the next Linconl flagship: 2 door or 4 door coupe?

    Mercury Discussion
    Linconl need and will have a new flagship in the near future, based on the new RWD big car platform. This car must be a 2 door or a 4 door coupe based on the MK R concept ? Do you prefer that or a conventional 4 door sedan?? Let me know what do you think, guys....
  4. CTS Coupe Concept

    General Motors Discussion
    Cadillac CTS Coupe Concept More at Autoblog
  5. Bill Gates last day at Microsoft, leaves in a 08 Ford Focus Coupe

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Or CLICK HERE if your computer is technically challenged.
  6. Autoblog: 2010 Mustang Coupe Spy Pics

    Mustang Discussion
    AUTOBLOG: 2010 Mustang Coupe Spy Pics for more CLICK HERE and for the gallery HERE.
  7. Tokyo Preview: Mazda's concept-inspired rotary coupe

    Mazda Discussion
    Autoblog Tokyo Preview: New Mazda Coupe Word from inside the pages of an unnamed Japanese auto mag is that this car will debut on the Mazda stand at this year's Tokyo Motor Show next month. The coupe is obviously inspired by the trio of concepts that Mazda debuted on the auto show circuit last...
  8. exclusive on the new SHO Coupe Concept

    Ford Motor Company Discussion exclusive on the new SHO Coupe Concept Hey guys, after some fine tuning sessions we have come out with our new Taurus SHO Coupe Concept. Hope you like it! :) LINK to to the article LINK to the Hi-Res new SHO Coupe Concept Gallery Ryan...
  9. GMI Danimal30 Member Captures Accord Coupe

    Asian Competition
    Story Link
  10. Rendered Speculation: Euro Focus hatches coupe

    Ford Motor Company Discussion These rendered images of the next-generation Ford Focus for the European market are, to put it bluntly, painful to look at. That's not because the artist penned a dog, but rather because he or she gives us a glimpse of Ford's next-gen Focus...
  11. Accord Coupe spied

    Asian Competition A Fusion coupe could soooo kill this! style-wise at least maybe an Interceptor-like rear window? (hmmm think I feel a chop coming on ;))
  12. Could there finally be a Jaguar C-Type Coupe?

    European Competition
    PROTEUS Cars has been acquired by rival sports car manufacturer Enduro Cars. For 21 years Proteus has been a specialist maker of re-creation sports cars such as the Jaguar C-Type. However, at last year’s International Historic Motorsport Show Enduro’s all aluminium C-Type replica was launched...
  13. Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe - 2.0 Sport Review

    Mazda Discussion
    24th February 2007 16:23:29 Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe - 2.0 Sport- I wonder if, back in 1983 when the designers in the Mazda camp started work on an all new two seater car, the MX-5 they would ever believe it would still be going stronger than ever 24 years later. Not content with one entry to...
  14. iPod Nano For Every New Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe

    Mazda Discussion
    Mazda Motors UK has announced that all six models in the exciting Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe range will feature an equipment upgrade for 2007, with both iPod connectivity and an Apple iPod Nano as standard. "We are delighted to announce this upgrade for the 2007 Mazda MX-5 Roadster Coupe,"...