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  1. GT350R Revving near redline. Holy crap.

    The Lounge BEHOLD. Hallelujah flat plane crank! edit: this isn't the R but you get the point, TYPO
  2. O Crap! Avengers and Ironman 3 to be released by Disney

    The Lounge
    :mad:They better not have the Disney name anywhere on the movie. I do not want to see "Disney Presents Ironman 3", not at all...not one bit! They better go with Touchstone, Hollywood, or give the Marvel name instead of any of them others.
  3. Holy Crap Saab's Alive! - 9-5 review

    European Competition
    didn't want to resurrect our epic Saab Turmoil thread for this but *really* wanted to post this photo cuz I never noticed the little indent feature under the Saab lettering before First Drive - 2010 Saab 9-5: Holy Crap Saab's Alive! - Accelerate Mpls/Joel Feder Do you remember a car company...