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  1. Scale towns, radio, Pontiac v. Camaro & cruising

    The Lounge
    * Among my many hobbies is my HO scale model train layout, with many iconic places across the US. But, I enjoy the work of an OC,SHer. His scale layout is Metro City; this is a scene from 2 Trees Mall: An old Motorola radio...
  2. Fomoconews runs into the new MKX cruising through town

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    MKX Spied In The Wild Detroit MI- Hi guys I know it seems to be taking forever to get my posters choice review up but I have not forgotten all about you and I'm still working on it (the dealership im currently dealing with this time is giving me every single form of the runaround possible)...
  3. Ford Fiesta spotted cruising in Rochester Hills

    Ford Car Discussion
    Hi guys got out of Class just now and ran into this Ford Fiesta. I tried to follow the Fiesta through the Rochester area (the chase began at the Village mall) but unfortunately back to back red lights in the city of rochester helped the fiesta escape but not before i got two shots with my camera...
  4. Detroit Free Press: Ford contract is cruising

    Ford Employee Discussion
    Ford contract is cruising Big UAW locals at Wayne, Louisville ratify it as vote nears end November 12, 2007 BY SARAH A. WEBSTER FREE PRESS BUSINESS WRITER Two large UAW locals, in Louisville, Ky., and Wayne, passed the tentative 4-year labor contract with Ford Motor Co. by an overwhelming...