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  1. Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Produces One-millionth Current Generation Focus For Europe Jan-09-2014 4:00 AM ET COLOGNE, Germany – Ford of Europe has produced the one-millionth current generation Focus. The 1.0-litre EcoBoost-powered hatchback model was manufactured in Saarlouis, Germany. Launched in Europe in...
  2. Ford Brand News - Global
    By Deepa Seetharaman Yahoo Finance DETROIT (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co will produce both its current F-150 pickup and a new model for about six months to avoid disrupting sales of the top-selling U.S. vehicle and safeguard against potential kinks tied to the truck's extensive overhaul, people...
  3. Discount Tire
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  4. Ford Car Discussion
    From Autoblog. With 3,050 September sales in North America, the Ford Fiesta is just now beginning to move off dealer lots. And while it's far too early to declare The Blue Oval's premium subcompact a success or failure, the folks in Dearborn have to be pleased with one crucial statistic. Car...
  5. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    As the appeal of the exciting Ford Fiesta fades, Ford continues to spice up the line-up with the debut of a new sporty, feature-packed special edition – the Zetec S Red. Just 400 new Zetec S Red special editions, representing 10 per cent of all Zetec S models, will be available, priced at...
  6. Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Enjoy . . . for more videos and fun, CLICK HERE
1-6 of 7 Results