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  1. Competition News
    Is Lincoln MKC cutting into Cadillac SRX sales? The two big American luxury brands of Cadillac and Lincoln are on surprisingly similar paths at the moment with both divisions hoping to redefine themselves and grow popularity. They're still early in the process with no clear winner yet, but...
  2. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    I was wondering what was going to happen to Ford's operation in Russia and indeed it looks bad. I actually didn't know they built the Edge in Russia? I thought it was just the Explorer?
  3. General Motors Discussion Seems like the only way out if for the feds to refi the entire debt for GM
  4. European Competition
    STOCKHOLM, Sweden: Ford-owned Volvo Cars aims to halve its total costs for 2008 with planned cuts of up to 4 billion kronor (€430 million; US$660 million), a Swedish newspaper reported Saturday. Citing the carmaker's President and Chief Executive Fredrik Arp, Swedish business daily Dagens...
  5. General Motors Discussion
    mentioned in passing in a WallStreetJournal article this morning, "...People briefed on the matter say the auto maker also has discussed killing off at least one future Hummer SUV product, and potentially axing another brand." the possibility got another 'voice' this evening: link to GMI...
  6. Ford Corporate News
    Ford Motor Co (NYSE:F - News) expects to cut its engineering costs in North America by 30 percent under its broad plan to cut complexity and improve global sourcing of materials and development, the automaker's product development chief said at a conference on Monday. Derrick Kuzak declined to...
  7. Ford Car Discussion
    I am in the Ford Edge HySeries Drive crossover, and Mujeeb Ijaz, Ford's director of fuel-cell vehicles, is in the passenger seat, pointing out its many buttons and displays. "So I just drive away like normal?" I ask, disoriented by the strange, detailed gauges and the rearranged instrument...
1-7 of 7 Results