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  1. Renovation for your dashboard in minutes with Coverlay Dashboard Covers
    Whether you’re parked or keep cruising down the road, the harmful UV rays will find you everywhere you go. They gradually destroy your dash board, drying it out and making it look like an old boot left in the desert sun. And sooner or later, you find yourself sitting in a car with a discolored...
  2. 2015 Mustang Dashboard Spied

    Mustang Discussion
    Somebody managed to actually get behind the wheel of a prototype and shoot this photo of the 2015 Mustang dashboard and I/P.
  3. "Smart Gauge": Ford Hybrids' New Dashboard System

    Ford Corporate News
    seeing as Ford hasn't announced this yet afaik, figured I use this section and let the PowersThatBe decide if it should be moved-combined-replaced when we get the official info online.WSJ - Ford Device ("SMART GAUGE") Stretches Gallons By MATTHEW DOLAN - OCTOBER 29, 2008 Rising...
  4. Dashboard Clocks - a pictorial review

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    One of my favorite new-to-me sites is The Watchismo Times, a blog dedicated to unusual timepieces (all Mgescuro's fault for his 'new watch' thread last year ;)). Yesterday (expanding on an article from the National Watch and Clock Museum), Watchismo posted a intriguing & concise review of one...