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  1. 2016 Lincoln MKX Dealer Inventories

    Lincoln Discussion
    Since I'm stalking the new MKX, you can now find the MKX appearing in dealer online inventories with window stickers and all. So maybe another month and we'll start seeing them in dealerships. The main page still hasn't switched to the 2016 MKX, presumably so they can continue to clear on the...
  2. Widebody 1982 Ford Mustang GT modified by dealer

    Mustang Discussion
    Looks neat. From the article: The ad for this wide body 'Stang says that its 'IMSA-style' flares were dealer-installed by a Ford shop in White Plains, New York, and included in the ad is s sepia toned shot that looks to have been taken back in the day in that very same dealership. 9 pictures...
  3. Toyota Dealer Group in China Warns 10% May Quit as Losses Mount

    Competition News
    Toyota Dealer Group in China Warns up to 10% May Quit as Losses Mount Autonews December 30, 2014 - 12:19 am ET BEIJING (Bloomberg) -- As many as 10 percent of dealers for one of Toyota Motor Corp.'s China ventures are poised to drop out of the network because they can't make money on the cars...
  4. Dubai: Lincoln Takes Center Stage at Dealer Drive Event

    Lincoln Brand News
    Dubai: Lincoln Takes Center Stage at Dealer Drive Event Lincoln Dec-10-2014 1:20 PM ET DUBAI - Lincoln further reinforced the growing focus and commitment towards the luxury automotive brand through a three-day brand immersion event that saw over 100 representatives from its regional...
  5. Brazil – Ford starts dealer dispatch of new Ford Ka & Ka+ (new Figo and Classic)

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Brazil – Ford starts dealer dispatch of new Ford Ka & Ka+ (new Figo and Classic) Ahead of a launch that is reported to take place before the end of August, the new Ford Ka hatchback and Ka+ sedan were spotted on a delivery truck hinting that Ford has commenced dealer dispatch of the new cars...
  6. Alfa Romeo U.S Dealer Network Unveiled

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    The wait is over check out the link below to find a dealer near you!!!
  7. Canada Dealer Offering 2014 MKZ Plug-In Hybrid?

    Lincoln Discussion
    Canada Dealer Offering 2014 MKZ Plug-In Hybrid? Vancouver Ford Lincoln It looks like a Lincoln dealer in Canada is offering a 2014 Lincoln MKZ Plug-In Hybrid that does not exist. "The 2014 Lincoln MKZ Plug in Hybrid is the perfect blend of size, refinement, power and efficiency. It also comes...
  8. Dealer order banks now open for all-new 2015 ford mustang

    Ford Brand News - Global
    DEALER ORDER BANKS NOW OPEN FOR ALL-NEW 2015 FORD MUSTANG Ford The All-New Ford Mustang GT “From the six cities around the globe where we revealed the all-new Mustang, to auto shows to the recent 50-year celebration events, we’ve received an amazing response from people when they finally see...
  9. Odd experience at the Lincoln Dealer

    Lincoln Discussion
    Well interesting visit to the Lincoln dealership yesterday. I have been toying around with the idea of getting a new car next year because that’s when I have a CD that I’ve had for a few years will be expiring and I can use that money on a new car plus some upgrades to my newly purchased house...
  10. MKZ pushes Lincoln dealer profits up

    Lincoln Discussion
    MKZ pushes Lincoln dealer profits up DetroitNews A profitable new MKZ sedan boosted Lincoln dealer profits last year, despite the lowest number of cars and SUVs sold in recent history. Sales of Lincoln vehicles overall fell 0.6 percent in 2013 to 81,694. But a 15 percent rise in sales of the...
  11. 2015 Lincoln MKC Dealer Order Guide Leaked

    Ford Brand News - Global
    2015 Lincoln MKC Dealer Order Guide Leaked A dealer order guide for the 2015 Lincoln MKC that has surfaced the Internet recently reveals that the 2.3-liter EcoBoost version of the luxury crossover will return 21 miles per gallon in the city and 27 miles per gallon on the...
  12. Ford rolls out dealer training to its 7,500 global dealers

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford rolls out dealer training to its 7,500 global dealers DETROIT -- Ford Motor Co. is taking its dealership training program worldwide. It is part of the automakers’ ongoing effort to improve customer service and increase buyer loyalty. The program, known as the Consumer Experience Movement...
  13. 2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 appears on dealer promotional order system

    Mustang Discussion
    2015 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 appears on dealer promotional order system The car will probably be revealed in the second part of 2014, following the demise of the outgoing model scheduled to exit production phase on January 1. Little is known about the car, but according to a report which...
  14. Look at what Ausrutherford picked up at the Ford dealer

    Member's Driveway
    2013 Focus SE Candy Blue
  15. Ford Indonesia Expand Dealer Network

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford Indonesia Continued Expansion of Nationwide Dealer Network JAKARTA, Indonesia – Ford Motor Indonesia (FMI) continues the expansion of its nationwide dealer network with the official opening of four new 3S (sales, service, and spare parts) facilities in Bekasi, Cibubur...
  16. Chevy refuses to pay bonuses to dealer with Bass Pro Shops-style showroom

    General Motors Discussion
    By Chris Tutor Posted Oct 23rd 2012 7:00PM Avid duck hunter Marc Heitz knows ducks would rather land on a pond already populated by ducks. Heitz is also a Chevy dealer, and when it came time to build a new facility, he figured car shoppers were a lot like ducks. "When people see other...
  17. Chrysler to set up separate Fiat dealer network

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    Chrysler Group LLC will set up a separate dealership network to sell cars made by Italy's Fiat Group SpA when they are reintroduced in the U.S. later this year. The Auburn Hills-based automaker said existing Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram dealers will get a chance to apply to sell the Italian...
  18. Revived Mercury, Ford-LincolnMercury dealer consolidation?

    Mercury Discussion
    QUOTE=megeebee @ GMI Revived Mercury will focus on 3 segments Rick Kranz Automotive News | September 29, 2008 - 12:01 am EST As Mercury is recast and new models arrive next decade, the brand will concentrate on three vehicle segments. "What Mercury people told us is please stay in the core of...
  19. Ford Flex Begins Production...Soon Available At A Dealer Near You!

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    FORD REACHED JOB ONE FOR THE FLEX...PRODUCTION BEGINS ON FORDS MINIVAN SUCCESSOR Well it has finally begun. Ford has started production of the new Ford Flex...and given the recent rise in gas prices it couldn't have arrived at a better time. The Flex should help Ford retain the many customers...
  20. Dealer introduction video for the 1966 Lincoln Continental

    Vintage Ford Discussion
    Its hilarious, and the car is just beautiful. Enjoy.