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  1. Lincoln's Shanghai dealership, up-close and personal

    FIN Headline News
    While we have all seen pictures of the new concept for Lincoln dealerships in China, it's always nice to visit and person and see how it translates to real life. I was able to get there last weekend for a visit, and come away very impressed. After seeing the photos and reading about Lincoln's...
  2. Lincoln introduces it's own Showroom Scent

    Lincoln Brand News
    Lincoln introduces it's own Showroom Scent Lincoln has announced some of their dealerships will feature an original scent called the "Essence of Lincoln." Designed to be dispersed through the ventilation system, the Essence of Lincoln is a fragrance that has hints of green tea, jasmine and...
  3. Ford Dealership Remodels

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    What, exactly, are Ford dealerships supposed to look like? I recall reading that Ford was following GM in pushing dealers to remodel their showrooms, however I've yet to see what Ford actually wants them to look like.
  4. Rolls-Royce Presses Onward With Global Dealership Expansion

    European Competition
    By Kurt Ernst Nov 27, 2012 While the economy in Europe may be struggling, there is no shortage of wealth in the Asia-Pacific region, which has now surpassed North America in the the number of high-net worth individuals. In fact, the number of households exceeding $5 million in net worth...
  5. Audi Reinvents the Dealership - Autopia

    Automotive Industry News
    Audi Just Reinvented the Dealership Experience - Autopia Damon Lavrinc July 17, 2012 If there were ever a retail model ripe for disruption, it’s the humble car dealer. And Audi thinks it has the answer with Audi City. The goal is to bring some of the comfort, convenience and customization...
  6. Saw New MKS at Dealership

    Lincoln Discussion
    Looked at and sat in an MKS at a local dealership. It was a pre-production model, but the workmanship was very good with tight gaps and tolerances. Very impressed with the quality of the interior materials. Style of the car is very classy, unlike the critical write-up in Automobile magazine a...
  7. AutoNews: Mulally drops by dealership, sells some cars

    Ford Corporate News
    Mulally drops by dealership, sells some cars Amy Wilson | Automotive News / March 27, 2007 - 5:22 pm DETROIT -- Four cars (almost) in 40 minutes. That's the Alan Mulally sales tally at Village Ford in Dearborn, Mich., where the Ford Motor Co. CEO dropped by last week. In what could be...
  8. Longtime Ford dealership selling Toyotas

    Ford Corporate News It's a sign of the times. The big blue sign at the Condit auto dealership on Routes 206/94 in Hampton still says "Ford," in the distinctive cursive lettering of Ford Motor Co., but won't for much...
  9. Lincoln-Mercury dealership in Shreveport closes

    Mercury Discussion
    Harter Lincoln-Mercury in Shreveport has closed and its inventory has been moved to a Ford dealership in the auto mall. Roundtree Ford is buying the franchise but it won't be selling Lincolns and Mercurys until they get licensing approval from the state, a spokesman for Roundtree said...
  10. Salesman Mulally to work at Ford dealership

    Ford Corporate News
    NEW YORK ( -- Alan Mulally, former Boeing executive who became Ford Motor CEO in September, is about get a new perspective on his company's sales problems: a dealers' showroom. During his first visit to the National Automobile Dealers Association annual convention in Las Vegas this...