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  1. what I want to KNOW ... Dear FLincMoCo

    Letters To Ford
    having seen the Conti and ChinaTaurus, BUT getting near-NO DETAILS... what I want to KNOW is • PLATFORMS (are they or aren't they?...the same?) • where (Assemblyplant(s)) • PLATFORMS (LincStang) • WHEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? • PLATFORMS (the Explorer/Aviator) • When? • PLATFORMS (Focus/A.M.P.)...
  2. Dear Subaru: Please Bring the Hatch Back

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    To read more of this story, Dear Subaru: Please Bring the Hatch Back head on over to
  3. BIAS 2012: Toyota Dear Qin Concepts

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Toyota Dear Qin hatch and sedan concepts preview new global model By Brian Potter April 23, 2012 WCF Toyota has unveiled the Dear Qin concepts at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show. Shown as a compact sedan and hatchback, the two vehicle variants preview a new global model set to be launched in 2013...
  4. DEAR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS: (DetroitFreePress)

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    my understanding is that the Free Press ran this "blistering editorial" on the Front Page. SPECIAL FREE PRESS EDITORIAL | A MESSAGE TO WASHINGTON Invest in America December 4, 2008 DEAR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS: You don't want an economic disaster on your hands. Not when you could have prevented...