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  1. New Ford Focus RS Delayed

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Focus RS Club New Ford Focus RS Delayed Ford boss tight-lipped over new Focus RS, but confirms Mondeo is on the way | Autocar Ford's European boss Stephen Odell has remained tight-lipped over the prospect of new Ford Focus RS. The Blue Oval's European boss quashed rumours that the...
  2. Next Ford F-150 delayed for aluminum body panel issues?

    Ford Truck Discussion
    Next Ford F-150 delayed for aluminum body panel issues? The timetable for next-generation Ford F-150 may be in trouble if a report from The Truth About Cars is true. The next F-150 is slated to make extensive use of weight-saving aluminum in its body, but the aluminum alloy...
  3. next gen audi q7 delayed for emergency redesign

    European Competition
  4. 2012 Subaru Impreza Delayed

    Competition News
    2012 Subaru Impreza Delayed Ripple effects from Japan’s disastrous earthquake and tsunami continue to be felt across the automotive landscape, with Subaru confirming the 2012 Impreza compact sedan will be delayed. Subaru had not previously announced a launch date for what it touts as the...
  5. Audi R4 axed, A2 delayed - report

    Competition News
    Audi R4 axed, A2 delayed - report WCF According to a recent report, Audi has killed the highly-anticipated R4. While nothing is official, Auto Motor and Sport says the model was axed because it would steal sales from the Audi TT and Porsche Boxster / Cayman. Furthermore, the Volkswagen...
  6. New Ford Fiesta delayed by quality lapse, Mexican hurricane

    Ford Corporate News
    "We have addressed it and vehicles are shipping from the plant," Ford President of the Americas Mark Fields said today. More...
  7. Ford Fiesta deliveries delayed by foul weather

    Ford Corporate News
    Storms in northern Mexico have knocked out key railroad lines, causing a two-week delay for Ford Fiesta deliveries. Ford Motor Company - Ford - Ford Fiesta - Autos - Recreation [url=]More...
  8. AP: Ford: Parts to Fix Recalled Cars Delayed

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford: Parts to Fix Recalled Cars Delayed Wednesday October 17, 6:05 pm ET By Ken Thomas, Associated Press Writer Ford Reports Delay in Parts Used to Repair Speed Control in 1.25 Million Recalled Vehicles WASHINGTON (AP) -- Ford Motor Co. said Wednesday that parts used to fix 1.25 million...