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  1. Lincoln Mark Series to Return

    FIN Headline News
    Today on Autoline Daily: Copying and pasting from the LLSOC. I haven't seen this yet personally but 7 years away?? Yeesh! Talk about the distant future! What could possibly take that long? It's not the Space Shuttle fercryinoutloud. note: foto is a couple years old...just to 'dress up'...
  2. Mercedes Opens Silicon Valley R&D Center For Future Tech Development

    European Competition
    Mercedes Opens Silicon Valley R&D Center For Future Tech Development BY Antony Ingram Mercedes-Benz has opened a new research and development site in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley--the fruits of which will influence the automaker's technology for years to come. While the area is best known for...
  3. Electric Ford Mustang Under Development

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Electric Ford Mustang Under Development By: Jason Siu 31/12/2011 AutoGuide True Mustang lovers could never dream of the iconic muscle car without a GT badge and a burly V8 engine. Sure the V6 might have over 300 hp, but, well… it’s not the V8. So imagine what the legions of die-hard ‘Stang fans...
  4. Bentley confirms uber-luxe SUV in development

    Competition News
    Bentley confirms uber-luxe SUV in development By Noah Joseph Jul 18th 2011 Some rumors round the mill once or twice and either come to fruition or eventually die off. But some just keep on going round and round like a soul in limbo, never reaching production and never dying...
  5. Mercedes SLS AMG started development as next-gen Dodge Viper

    Asian Competition
    SLS AMG and a new Viper were in co-development for a while. Dodge engineers got as far as building an aluminum chassis and creating a new suspension setup for a next-gen Viper. More...
  6. CD4 mule development underway?

    Ford Corporate News Very interesting. Slop roof could be the next S-max roof. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  7. Ford Announces Development Of All-new Police Interceptor For Law Enforcment Use

    Ford Car Discussion
    FORD ANNOUNCES DEVELOPMENT OF ALL-NEW POLICE INTERCEPTOR FOR LAW ENFORCMENT USE Ford confirms development plans of an all-new Ford Police Interceptor and affirms continued commitment to the police and municipal vehicle businesses New Police Interceptor’s durability, safety and performance will...
  8. Ford Receives Michigan Tax Credits For Future Electric Vehicles, Battery Development

    Ford Corporate News
    FORD RECEIVES MICHIGAN TAX CREDITS FOR FUTURE ELECTRIC VEHICLES, BATTERY DEVELOPMENT Ford receives $55 million incentive in refundable tax credits from Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to continue work in electric vehicle and battery development. Incentive will help accelerate...
  9. Autonews: Toyota Slows Development Process

    Asian Competition
    Toyota slows development process Quality problems dent reputation, lead to safeguards Mark Rechtin Automotive News | 1:00 am, June 25, 2007 PHOENIX -- Worried about slipping quality, Toyota is slowing down its product development. Toyota Motor Corp. will build more prototype vehicles...
  10. Historical Document. Development of the 1949 Ford [VIDEO]

    Ford Corporate News
    Its 1946 and an only 28 years old Henry Ford had just taken over the reins of a near bankrupt and desolated Ford Motor Company from the hands of a senile Henry Ford who at the moment, old and heart rboken by the death of his only son Edsel, was a far cry of his old genious. The young Henry...