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  1. Shelby GT350 Chassis Deep Dive

    Mustang Discussion
    For more on this story, Shelby GT350 Chassis Deep Dive and LOTS OF PICTURES please visit
  2. Ecoboost Complaint(s)

    Letters To Ford
    The F150 with ecoboost engine does not meet expeditions or advertisment by FMC. Paying an addition premium for moer fuel economy is a wate. Gas mileage is very disappointing and much lower than advertised.
  3. took the dive on a 3.5

    Ford Truck Discussion
    Local dealer called ( I inquired awhile ago about the ecoboost) they got one in. Beautiful black, having had 2 Chevy's with the 4.3 V 6 over the last 12 years (usually every 6 years for me) I was very impressed with the test drive. I ordered a regular cab long bed 4x4 XLT with towing...
  4. Ford shares dive below $10

    Ford Employee Discussion
    Ford shares closed at $9.88 on Tuesday -- their lowest point since Dec. 21 -- amid concerns about sluggish industry sales and uncertainty over how the company will pay what it owes to the UAW's health care trust fund. More...