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  1. 2016 MKX misses the mark for Car & Driver

    Lincoln Discussion
    Car & Driver is pretty harsh on the new MKX, calling the MKX interior a little tight and lacking luxury car materials or refinement expected in a car at $60K. They also complained that Revel Ultima sound system distorts audio and rattles the doors. And of course, MyLincoln Touch is still...
  2. Car and Driver Review 2015 Ford Edge Sport

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
  3. Stolen 2015 Ford Mustang car chase ends with driver getting shot

    Mustang Discussion
    Crazy Stuff. from the article: Just a few blocks after the chase started, the car thief jumped out of the truck and into the passenger seat of the white Mustang you can see in the photo gallery below. After repeated commands from the police to stop and exit the vehicle, the driver of the...
  4. Ford Pranks Blind Dates with Mustang GT & Stunt Driver - VIDEO

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Pranks Unsuspecting Blind Dates with Mustang GT & Stunt Driver Jonathon Ramsey | Autoblog There's 'speed dating,' that ludicrous get-to-know-you ritual devised by The Inquisition of Mating, and then there's 'dating at ludicrous speed,' which is a better description of what Ford has done...
  5. Car and Driver - Mustang, Camaro, Challenger - Mustang Wins!

    Ford Brand News - Global
    It can take many miles to understand an average car’s strengths, but in exceptional cars, virtues become apparent within the first few hundred yards. Even if you were to idle the new Mustang across a perfectly smooth surface—say, a showroom floor, an under*taking readers are advised to...
  6. Drunk Driver Crashes Into 2015 Mustang And Overturns It

    Mustang Discussion
    Feel bad for this guy but at least he didn't get hurt badly. from the article: "A drunk driver collided with me at highway speed. I only had my 2015 Mustang GT 8 days when this happened," he wrote in a posting. "Very upsetting but car held up well and I am getting full replacement value for...
  7. Video: F-150 Driver Assist Technologies

    Ford Truck Discussion
    This quick video shows all the driver assist tech in action. Pretty cool.
  8. How to Keep an Eye On Your Teen Driver

    Suggest A News Article
    Parents tend to worry about their teens when they start driving on their own, but thankfully there are ways to help mom and dad keep an eye on their kids and ensure they’re driving safely and responsibly. Ford, GM, Hyundai and Infiniti offer cars and services that can remind teen drivers to...
  9. 10 Driver Friendly Features for new Ford F-150

    Ford Truck Discussion
    The 10 things F-150 engineers thought of 1. Hard buttons on keypad: Designers wanted smooth capacitive touch keypad buttons on the outside of the driver-side door, but pickup truck drivers prefer tactile feedback, allowing easier usability for when they’re wearing gloves. For customers who...
  10. Toyota to Premiere New Driver Attention Research Concept at LA Show

    Asian Competition
    Toyota to Premiere New Driver Attention Research Concept at LA Show Toyota is leaving plenty to our imagination with its latest release regarding a new study for a "Driver Awareness Research Vehicle" that will be officially revealed at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show next Wednesday, November 20...
  11. Ford Car Parks Itself w/No Driver - VIDEO

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford lets cars find parking spots Detroit News Ford Motor Co. says it has developed a car that can sniff out open parking spaces ahead — and then park itself in that space, even without a driver behind the wheel. The Dearborn automaker intends to show off the feature today to journalists at...
  12. 2016 MKS...whaTever?

    Lincoln Discussion I dunno about the rendering, but one thing I DO wonder about: they insinuate that the MKS will be on yet another evolution of the ol' Volvo bones. They had said previously that it'd be on stretched Fusion/MKZ chassis. WTF, over?
  13. Interview with 2013 Pikes Peak Race driver Doug Siddens

    Discount Tire
    We had a chance to interview Pikes Peak International Hill Climb driver Doug Siddens. Doug will be competing in the Unlimited class this year is a heavily modified Polaris RZR UTV. See what he has to say... 2013 Pikes Peak Race - Interview with Doug Siddens
  14. MkZ tested by Car and Driver

    Lincoln Brand News
  15. Ford Mustang and Ford Focus Among 2012 Car and Driver 10 Best

    Automotive Industry News
    2012 Car and Driver's 10 Best Ford and Honda are the only two car brands with more than one winner. Go America, Go Ford! For more Click HERE
  16. 2011 Ford Mustang GT - Car & Driver 10Best Cars

    Ford Brand News - Global
    2011 Ford Mustang GT - 10Best Cars Ponyboy, going gold. Car & Driver November, 2010 You might wonder why we’ve left the Mustang GT’s equine siblings to snort in the paddock. It’s simple: The GT is the ideal blend of performance and value, serving up brutal muscle, daily usability, and the...
  17. Vibrant, luxurious interior complements 2011 lincoln mkx new driver connect technolog

    Ford Corporate News
    The addition of the new MyLincoln Touch driver connect technology to the 2011 Lincoln MKX provided a tremendous opportunity for the vehicle’s design team to redefine its premium interior. More...
  18. Toyota's Chief Test Driver Dies in Crash in Germany

    Asian Competition
    Hiromu Naruse, 67, died while driving a Lexus LFA supercar in Germany, according to reports from German newspaper Rhein-Zeitung More...
  19. car and driver hops into the way back machine and digs up vintage Camaro vs mustang

    Vintage Ford Discussion
    I wanted to post this sooner but with finals that wasn't the case. But C&D decided to look back at some of the many battles between the camaro and the Mustang (for the most part one does feature the chevy monza)