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  1. Competition News
    Jeep to dust off Grand Wagoneer name for 7-seat SUV By: Bradford Wernle January 10, 2011 Automotive News DETROIT -- Jeep will resurrect a hallowed nameplate — the Grand Wagoneer — in two years. “It's time we gave the market an upper-scale Grand Wagoneer,” Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne said...
  2. Automotive Industry News
    Ford pulls ahead of its rivals Fortune By Alex Taylor Octubre 7, 2010 FORTUNE -- General Motors and Chrysler are beginning to make some headway after getting a financial and operational overhaul compliments of the U.S. bankruptcy court. But Ford, operating free of interference by the court or...
  3. Ford Car Discussion
    Autoblog Ford Taurus X to ride off into the sunset in February When the Freestyle failed to capture the attention of the crossover-buying public, Ford took action. Designers slapped a three bar grille on the front end, got creative with the headlights and upped the power with a Duratec 3.5L V6...
  4. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    R&T: Z06 Leaves GT_R in the Dust to Quarter Mile Matches GTR- 0-60 Road & Track Link
  5. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Richard Truett Automotive News | February 4, 2008 - 12:01 am EST Automakers are flirting with turbochargers again, just as they have every decade since the 1960s. Both General Motors and Ford Motor Co. recently have revealed plans to install turbochargers in mass-market cars. But the new...
  6. Asian Competition
    Edmunds:GTR Leaves 911 Turbo, Z06, Viper in the DUST Edmunds:GTR Leaves 911 Turbo, Z06, Viper in the DUST Vehicle Tested: 2009 Nissan GT-R 2dr Coupe What Works: The best engine for the money, period; blazing-fast shifts, crushing acceleration. What Needs Work: Dual-clutch tranny will never...
1-6 of 6 Results