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  1. Competition News
    Chevrolet Tahoe & Suburban Texas Editions unveiled
  2. Competition News
    Volvo XC90 is a hit, 1,927 First Editions sold in 47 hours The 2015 Volvo XC90 is off to a strong start as the company has announced that all 1,927 First Editions have been sold. The sale kicked off on Wednesday and most of the special editions were reserved within one hour. Volvo goes on to...
  3. Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford Fiesta Red and Black Editions revealed Auto Express Ford Fiesta Red/Black Edition review Ford has announced two sporty new additions to the Fiesta range called the Fiesta Red Edition and the Ford Fiesta Black Edition. This brand new version of Britain’s best-selling car uses a more...
  4. Chrysler Group Discussion
    Dodge celebrates centennial with Charger and Challenger 100th Anniversary Editions In 1914, the Dodge brothers went from being a parts supplier to a full-scale automaker, and to celebrate the centennial of this milestone, Dodge will offer special editions of the 2014 Charger and Challenger...