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  1. Asian Competition
    Honda's Hybrid War Effort Yet To Begin Honda readies new hybrid attack, calling the Civic Hybrid a mistake Honda CEO Takeo Fukui has said Honda will now take the hybrid war seriously, with a claim that, "The real competition has just begun." Honda is planning to come out with a hybrid-only...
  2. Ford Corporate News
  3. Ford Corporate News
    Another fine mess decision to look for a buyer for Jaguar and Land Rover is the latest sign that the turnaround at the world's third-biggest carmaker is not going well AFTER some huffing and puffing Alan Mulally, the chief executive brought in from Boeing to rescue Ford, has decided to get...
  4. Ford Corporate News
    February sales worse than projection; Fields still confident automaker on track to meet goals. Bryce G. Hoffman / The Detroit News DEARBORN -- Ford Motor Co. received more bad marks on its latest internal report card, but Ford Americas President Mark Fields told employees Wednesday that he is...