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  1. Chinese Epica Gets New Chevy Sedan Face

    General Motors Discussion
    FoMoCoNews Exclusive: Chinese Epica Gets New Chevy Sedan Face Click On Images For High Resolution Thursday, October 18, 2007 (San Diego Ca.) On very rare occasions do we allow non-FoMoCo products pictures to grace our home page. This is one of those occasions. We are pleased to bring to you the...
  2. Woman Swaps Epica for Mazda 6

    Mazda Discussion
    It says the woman bought the Epica from McGrath Holden at Liverpool when she was in Sydney on holidays. She then drove the 310km back to Wingham without incident but the car later broke down on a trip to nearby Tinonee and had to be towed to the Holden dealer in Taree to be fixed. While it was...