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  1. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Frankfurt 2011: New 1.0L 3-Cyl EcoBoost Motor To Power Euro-Spec Focus Line By Manoli Katakis | September 12, 2011 | | No comments Originally announced earlier this...
  2. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    2012 Honda Civic Hatchback Unveiled Ahead of Frankfurt Motor Show SEPTEMBER 12, 2011 Carscoop The new generation of the European market 2012 Honda Civic hatchback will make its world premiere tomorrow at the 64th International Auto Show in Frankfurt, but the Japanese company is giving us our...
  3. Ford Car Discussion
    Courtesy of For longer than we can remember, words like 'cheap', 'unattractive' and 'lousy' were used to describe America's domestic offerings in the compact car segment. General Motors, Ford and Chrysler have never figured out how to make money with small cars, so the domestic...
1-3 of 3 Results