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  1. Lincoln Showcases Black Label Elegance with Exclusive Event

    Lincoln Discussion
    It's nice to see Lincoln pushing their "Black Label" offering... LINCOLN SHOWCASES BLACK LABEL ELEGANCE WITH EXCLUSIVE EVENT AT DALLAS PRIVATE RESIDENCE - Lincoln Motor Company takes its Black Label at Home tour to private residence in Dallas’ exclusive Urban Reserve neighborhood - Black...
  2. Dubai: Lincoln Takes Center Stage at Dealer Drive Event

    Lincoln Brand News
    Dubai: Lincoln Takes Center Stage at Dealer Drive Event Lincoln Dec-10-2014 1:20 PM ET DUBAI - Lincoln further reinforced the growing focus and commitment towards the luxury automotive brand through a three-day brand immersion event that saw over 100 representatives from its regional...
  3. All-new lincoln mkc event defining true luxury service

    Lincoln Brand News
    ALL-NEW LINCOLN MKC FEATURED AT “ENGAGE YOUR SENSES” EVENT DEFINING TRUE LUXURY SERVICE Lincoln All-new 2015 Lincoln MKC leads a compelling conversation that explores how The Lincoln Motor Company caters to its clients by offering customer service on par with the luxury spa treatment that...
  4. Ford Truck JAM event - Oct 6 - Long Beach, CA

    Ford Truck Discussion
    So Cal Family... Wanted to let you know about an event coming up for Ford Trucks only called the Ford Truck Jam presented by Southern California Ford Dealers. It will be held October 6th at the Long Beach Convention Center, and feature Live Bands / DJ's/ Food Truck Alley/Performance Parts for...
  5. Summary: Ford's Go Further Event in Australia

    FIN Headline News
    Will the Explorer Launch into Australia? Ford Inside News August 13, 2013 By: Austin Rutherford Facing a decade of falling market share, Ford of Australia was faced with a difficult decision: Continue with the status quo or shut down local production on money-losing models including the...
  6. Ford Go Further Event in Australia

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Can be seen here:
  7. MKZ Sales Event

    Lincoln Discussion
    Once Lincoln ramped up production for the 2013 MKZ, and started flowing to dealers, it's been non-stop. For April, Lincoln moved over 6k units out to dealers, maintaining a daily inventory of over 4k units, which resulted in sales of 4012. Outselling the Audi A6(1,905) by 2,107 units for the...
  8. Ford-Eu News Event Thursday

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford of Europe to Detail Major Product Acceleration at Special “Go Further” Event in Amsterdam on Sept. 6 - COLOGNE, Germany, Sept. 3, 2012 – Ford Motor Company will detail a major product acceleration for Europe at a special “Go Further” event in Amsterdam on Sept. 6. note: the...
  9. Ford faces skeptics at police car testing event

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford faces skeptics at police car testing event Detroit Free Press BY BRENT SNAVELY A crop of new police cars drew more than 400 law enforcement officials to Chrysler’s proving grounds in Chelsea today to see the Michigan State Police put the cars through acceleration, braking, high-speed...
  10. Bill Ford addresses past company challenges at breakfast event today

    Ford Corporate News
    Even though Ford had a $23 billion in loans to cushion the company during last year's recession, Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford was still very worried about the company's future when the economy went into a tailspin. More...
  11. metro detroit "Ford Taurus premiere" event thursday october 22nd

    Ford Car Discussion
    The 2010 taurus has been out on the market for awhile now but the ford dealers here in my neck of the woods are holding a "ford taurus premiere day" thursday October 22nd. I'll be going to that event and I'll try and get a test drive and share my thoughts here on fomoconews. For those who are...