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  1. Ford Brand News - Global
    Experts wonder if aluminum F-150 gives Ford a real advantage There's no doubt that Ford is taking a risk in producing the body of its upcoming new F-150 pickup truck in aluminum. What is up for debate, however, is whether aluminum was a wise risk to take in the first place. Wards Auto took the...
  2. Lincoln Discussion
    just one to start with... MKZ • platform: euCD4-merger - wingsnut @ FiN • new engine: 3.5EB • performance: 0-60mph under 5 seconds, skidpad over .90 g's - wescoent @ GMI, 1/4 mile well under 14.5 BlueII @ BON • styling: Jaguar XF** - BlueII & jpd80 @ BON, BlueII @ BON ** or 4-door Audi...
1-2 of 3 Results