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  1. New paint colour Red Rush & Face lift C-Max

    Ford Car Discussion
    The face lift C-Max just arrived at my local dealership this past week. The new colour looks really good.
  2. 2016 Cruze shows it's face

    General Motors Discussion
    The 2016 Chevy Cruze has been spotted undisguised in Cali and I have to say it doesnt look too bad. I see a lot of Honda Civic in it with a dash of Corolla, overall it feels kind of Japanese. Definitely has a resemblance to the new Volt. Engine wise it's rumored to get a new 1.5 turbo with 16-hp...
  3. The Iconic Face Of the Jeep was actually designed by Ford

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    If there's one thing modern-day Jeep loves, as a company, it's their own face. That round-eyed, slotted-grille iconic Jeep face that they love so much, they've even given it a name: Sarge. But here's the dirty truth: that iconic Jeep face wasn't designed by Willys — it started as a Ford design...
  4. Spied: 2015 Ford Mustang shows off Evos-inspired face! Read more at http://www.leftla

    Ford Brand News - Global
    By Drew Johnson Aug 20th, 2013 LLN Our spies have sent us the most revealing photos yet of the next-generation 2015 Ford Mustang, which is expected to be smaller and as much as 400 lbs. lighter than the current model. Snapped during high-performance testing at a race course, the new images...
  5. 2013 Ford Fiesta reveals Fusion-like face

    Ford Brand News - Global
    By Jeff Sabatini Jun 5th 2012 Autoblog And the Ford Fiesta spy shots continue to pour in... First we saw the hatchback undergoing cold weather testing. Then just last week, our spy shooters caught the sedan testing in Germany. But now we've got the best view yet of the mid-lifecycle Fiesta...
  6. The Exciting Face of Ford for 2012

    Ford Corporate News
    Showcased in another forum, I thought I would include it here. Just off the top of my head, here are some of the exciting performance or high tech models from Ford for 2012. (note that Fusion pic is just a concept rendering, but looks close, although actual is much better) Behold...
  7. Lincoln Reveals 2013 MKZ (or MKG?) Face!

    Lincoln Brand News
    Lincoln exposed the front-end of what is believed to be the new MKZ...but I believe this is a different vehicle. I took some screen grabs from the .
  8. 2012 Honda Pilot Goes Under the Knife, gets a New Face

    Competition News
    2012 Honda Pilot Goes Under the Knife, gets a New Face JULY 25, 2011 Carscoop Tis' the season for changes at Honda. After the news on the 2012 CR-V Concept that previews the soon-to-be-launched production model, yet another official photograph of a new Honda model is making the internet rounds...
  9. Spy Shots: 2013 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor shows its face

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Spy Shots: 2013 Ford Taurus Police Interceptor shows its face by Zach Bowman May 11th 2011 It looks as if the recent update to the 2013 Ford Taurus will translate to the company's new Police Interceptor. Our elite squad of spy photographers have managed to capture a few images of a...
  10. Automotive News: Taxpayers likely to face initial loss on General Motors IPO

    General Motors Discussion
    Taxpayers likely to face initial loss on General Motors IPO Automotive News September 4, 2010 NEW YORK (Reuters) -- The U.S. government is likely to take a loss on General Motors Co. in the first offering of the automaker's stock, six people familiar with preparations for the landmark IPO said...
  11. Without Mercury, Lincoln dealers face grim future

    Mercury Discussion
    For Lincoln-Mercury dealer Darryl Wischnewsky in Houston, survival boils down to one thing: getting a Volvo franchise. Wischnewsky has a letter of intent from Volvo and is awaiting final approval. Without another franchise, he worries, his store -- which will have only Lincoln when Mercury...
  12. Mazda MX5 Face Lift

    Mazda Discussion
    Mazda MX5 Face Lift Large Resolution The freshened Mazda MX-5 evolves and refines the high performance and sporty styling core elements of the MX-5, and features enhanced quality and packaging. The newly released Type RS grade offers exceptional driving pleasure with better performance and...
  13. Chinese Epica Gets New Chevy Sedan Face

    General Motors Discussion
    FoMoCoNews Exclusive: Chinese Epica Gets New Chevy Sedan Face Click On Images For High Resolution Thursday, October 18, 2007 (San Diego Ca.) On very rare occasions do we allow non-FoMoCo products pictures to grace our home page. This is one of those occasions. We are pleased to bring to you the...
  14. Mazda Gives New Face to 2008 Tribute

    Mazda Discussion
    Click On Picture For High Res. Image San Diego- June 5, 2007 With so much attention lately turned to the Crossovers, sport activity vehicles and the all the car based Mommy mobiles of today, we here at fomoconews have noticed that there is an unnoticed ride out there that buyers taking into...
  15. Like XJ Sales Dud Pheaton Gets Face Lift

    European Competition