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  1. Ford Corporate News
    Flat Rock's "yes" vote swings UAW support back in favor of Ford labor deal By Drew Johnson Oct 14th, 2011 LLN In what could prove to be a crucial vote in Ford’s effort to ratify a new four-year labor deal with the United Auto Workers, the automaker’s AutoAlliance International plant in Flat...
  2. Ford Brand News - Global
    Slide presentation confirms Ford E-Series being nixed in favor of Transit By Jeff Glucker Sep 15th 2011 Autoblog First the Panther platform and now E-Series vans? That might be the case, according to a presentation shown to investors at a Ford press event held alongside the Frankfurt Motor...
  3. Ford Corporate News
    Courtesy of In a breakthrough that may make vehicle starting issues due to fouled plugs or inclement weather a thing of the past, engineers at Ford have reportedly teamed with scientists at Liverpool University to develop a laser beam ignition system to replace ye olde spark plug...
1-3 of 3 Results