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  1. Suggest A News Article
    For more information on this story, Honda Hit with $70M Fine from Feds and much more please go to
  2. Lincoln Discussion
    2015 Lincoln MKC Misses Top Crash-Test Ratings From Feds The federal government has crash-tested a 2015 Lincoln MKC, and with an Overall Rating at four stars, the model ends up short of the top echelon for compact-crossover safety. While the new 2015 MKC is closely related to the Ford Escape...
  3. Competition News
    Feds sold $489M in GM stock in February Detroit News March 11, 2013 by David Shepardson Washington — The U.S. Treasury sold at least 17.2 million shares of stock in General Motors Co. in February as it vows to exit its stake in the Detroit automaker by March 2014. In a report to Congress late...
  4. Ford Corporate News
    Feds investigate 360,000 Ford Taurus vehicles By David Shepardson Washington- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Sunday said it opening a preliminary investigation into 360,000 2005-2006 Ford Taurus sedans over complaints of stuck throttles because of cruise control cable...
  5. Automotive Industry News
    Feds predict new car sales through 2025; outlook not good for Chrysler, GM By Drew Johnson Dec 22nd, 2011 LLN The EPA and Department of Transportation released a rather mundane 567-page proposal last month to secure tougher fuel economy regulations for future models, but that report has...
  6. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Feds warns Ford owners about recalled vehicles By KEN THOMAS – Sep 9, 2008 WASHINGTON (AP) — The government is urging owners of 5 million recalled Ford vehicles to bring them to dealerships to repair a cruise control switch system that has been tied to engine fires. The National Highway...
1-6 of 6 Results