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  1. Unlikely Pacer: Ford Fiesta to lead the field at CarFax 400

    Ford Car Discussion
    Filed under: Motorsports, Budget, Sedan, Ford Sure enough, the upcoming Sprint Cup Carfax 400 will be paced by none other than the Blue Oval's tiny 2011 Fiesta Sedan. With less than a third of the displacement of the tube-frame beasts lapping Michigan International Speedway, we wouldn't quite...
  2. Territory Diesel field testing spy photos - CarAdvice

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford Territory Diesel field testing spy photos - December 30, 2009 by Paul Maric After revealing exclusive photos and details of the diesel powered Ford Territory in July**, photographers have spied Ford conducting field evaluation testing of the diesel Ford...
  3. Ford makes statement on GM bankruptcy, hopes for level playing field

    Ford Corporate News
    Courtesy of Autoblog: While all eyes are on General Motors, its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing and the additional $30 billion in loans the automaker will receive from the US government, FoMoCo doesn't want the Obama administration to forget the Blue Oval is restructuring without the help of the...
  4. Level the Field - Maine's Congressman

    Asian Competition
    posting this here cuz it's a fairly quiet section (1) and imho this applies mainly to the Eastern Invaders (2) Bangor Daily News: Time for U.S. automakers to be on equal tax footing by Mike Michaud In the wide-ranging debate about the bailout of the Big Three American automakers, unfair...
  5. RUMOR: Next Jaguar XJ will level luxury field

    European Competition British weekly AutoCar has a report on the next generation Jaguar XJ that tries to debunk the traditional opinion that the big cat has worn since the late 1960s. The magazine has a pair of renderings showing the...