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  1. Fierce Wildcat

    Ford Corporate News
    Photos copyright Garry StuartOK, so you’re bored with the Porsche, the Lambo looks passé and Vettes are two a penny. What do you get to rattle the windows at the local golf club?How about a Wildcat 300STR? It started life as a sensible Land Rover until Qt Services got hold of it, [...]No...
  2. Automakers' competition fierce for law-enforcement fleets

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Automakers' competition fierce for law-enforcement fleets PLYMOUTH, Mich. — For much of this decade, a familiar shape, roaring over the horizon with lights ablaze, has comforted distraught crime victims and frightened lawbreakers. Next year, production ends for that fixture on American roads...
  3. Chrysler bidder has 'fierce' reputation

    Chrysler Group Discussion DETROIT — Cerberus Capital Management, one of the private equity firms bidding on the Chrysler Group, has been buying up large stakes in the U.S. auto industry and appears hungry for more, leaving Detroit wondering who's taking over...