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  1. Ford shipping Fiestas again after parts glitch

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford says it has resumed shipments of its Fiesta compact after fixing a parts glitch discovered last week. Ford Fiesta - Ford Motor Company - Fiesta - Ford - United States [url=]More...
  2. Offspeed Pitch: Richard Petty joins Ken Block, AJ Allmendinger in marketing Fiestas

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Motorsports, Budget, Sedan, Etc., Marketing/Advertising, Hatchback, Ford, Celebrities Brace yourself, race fans. Things are about to get a little weird. Ford has decided to meld the seemingly unmeldable worlds of NASCAR and rally to help promote the 2011 Fiesta. Ken Block...
  3. American Idol finalists team with Ford designers to create their own Fiestas

    Ford Car Discussion
    Courtesy of Link: In case you hadn't noticed, Fox's hit show American Idol is back in full swing, and this is the first week that the competition has been narrowed down to the top...