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  1. Focus RS Final Output Revealed: 350 / 350

    Ford Brand News - Global DEARBORN, Mich., Oct. 12, 2015 – The unique EcoBoost® engine in the all-new Focus RS will produce 350 horsepower – far...
  2. First Jeepster prototype spotted with final, boxy form

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    First Jeepster prototype spotted with final, boxy form The long-awaited baby Jeep is getting closer to production, as evidenced by these spy photos. Previously, the only images of the so-called Jeepster saw it wearing a Fiat 500L body (see below), while this new batch of photos show hefty...
  3. Spied: 2014 Lincoln MKC

    Lincoln Brand News
    While we've seen MKC prototypes before, those vehicles were clad in heavy camouflage, masking much of the vehicle's details. However, the test car spotted today was wearing a light cover, making it possible to make out just what the production MKC will look like. Up front, the concept's...
  4. Mercury rolls into history with build of final Grand Marquis

    Ford Corporate News
    Mercury rolls into history with build of final Grand Marquis By LAUREN ABDEL-RAZZAQ AND DAVID PHILLIPS 1/04/2011 Autoweek The last Mercury--a Grand Marquis--rolled off the production line Tuesday at Ford Motor Co.'s assembly plant in St. Thomas, Ontario, marking the official end of another...
  5. Financial fixes near final votes

    Diablo's Den
    The toughest financial regulations since the Great Depression are headed for final votes in Congress next week, covering everything from debit card swipes at Starbucks to the most complex securities, in an election-year salve for public anger over the Wall Street risk-taking that cost millions...
  6. 2007 R Model's Final Year

    European Competition
    Back in February, we reported that Volvo would be eliminating its remaining R-badged offerings in the future; specifically the S60R and V70R. At the time, there was discussion that other models in Volvo's line-up may get R-worthy tweaks when these two models were nixed. Another rumor that Volvo...