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  1. Rare Shelby GT500KR Barn Find

    Mustang Discussion
    What would this car be worth unrestored? From the article: Super Rare Shelby GT500KR Barn Find, yes folks cars like these are still sitting somewhere collecting dust. 6 pictures and full article .
  2. Untouched 1955 Ford T-Bird Garage Find

    Ford Car Discussion
    Is this car worth $20K, seems like a lot of work to restore it. From the article: The car seems to have been cared for extensively, despite being the every-day ride of the unknown lady for decades, before it was put away. Aside from the shabby finish and some paint bubbling, it is, as the...
  3. With 800,000 auto names already trademarked, it's tougher than ever to find a moniker

    Automotive Industry News
    With 800,000 auto names already trademarked, it's tougher than ever to find a moniker that works worldwide Automotive News September 30, 2013 by Lindsay Chappell If automakers thought it was hard to come up with a catchy new car name a generation ago, their outlook now is hopeless to...
  4. 2011 Nissan Quest...Helps Find A Strip Club Near You!

    Asian Competition
    2011 NISSAN QUEST HELPS FIND YOUR LOCAL STRIP CLUB...AFTER DROPPING OFF THE KIDS MINIVAN NAVIGATION SYSTEM FEATURES FIRST EXAMPLE OF POI CATEGORY FOR ADULT ENTERTAINMENT Okay, this one is just plain funny...and awesome! The new 2011 Nissan Quest is a handsome vehicle for a mini-van, and it...
  5. eBay Find of the Day: 1997 Ford Escort Cosworth Rally Car

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Auctions, Ford, Racing 1997 Ford Escort Rally Car - Click above for high-res image gallery Long before the Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru Impreza came to prominence in the world of rallying, the Ford Escort often dominated the world's backwoods trails. Today's eBay Find of the Day is...
  6. eBay Find of the Day: 2005 Ford GTX1 prototype

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Classics, Convertible, Performance, Auctions, Videos, Ford Ford GTX1 Prototype - Click above for image gallery The Ford GTX1 Prototype - as in, the car claimed to be the first GTX1 built - in its blemish-free debut color, Valencia Orange with Tungsten stripes, is being offered for...
  7. GMfan1111 goes deep into dearborn to see what he could find

    Ford Car Discussion
    GMfan1111 Visits Dearborn: Gets Spyshots of Fords GMfan1111 Visits Dearborn: Gets Spyshots of Fords Hi guys after the cold welcome I got at my most recent trip to MPG from their spyphotog hunters I decided to change scenery and go Dearborn and see if I could spot the new 2012 "world...
  8. Ford struggling to find buyers for Volvo

    European Competition I call this good news, since the Swedes gave them money anyways.
  9. Bill Ford Urged by Family To Find Help.

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford family members, heavily invested in Ford Motor Co., were prodding Chairman Bill Ford Jr. to seek help from an outsider last year even as he was wooing now-CEO Alan Mulally away from Boeing, according to a report today by Portfolio, a new Conde Nast business publication. In a lengthy article...
  10. Lincoln MKX (2007): Can this crossover find its place in the premium CUV segment?

    Mercury Discussion
    February 21, 2007 - Lincoln seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis these days. The stuff that made a Lincoln "a Lincoln" is long gone; Ford's luxury brand no longer makes large luxury barges or stylish rides with suicide doors. It seems that these days every vehicle in the car maker's...