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  1. NHTSA Investigating Ford Recall Fix

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  2. How to fix Lincoln

    Lincoln Discussion
    How to fix Lincoln Ford’s luxury arm mean nothing to you? You’re not alone. Pat Devereux reckons he can mend it There's nothing wrong with the current range of Lincolns, Ford's America-centric ‘luxury' arm. But the problem is there's very little right with them either. Don't take that the...
  3. How Honda Will Fix Acura - 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

    Asian Competition
    How Honda Will Fix Acura - 2013 Tokyo Motor Show By Scott Evans | November 19, 2013 During a roundtable discussion with journalists at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, American Honda Motor Company CEO Tetsuo Iwamura said that his biggest challenge in the next five years will be fixing Acura. In a...
  4. Ford Forms Skunk Works Team to Fix Lincoln

    Lincoln Brand News
    FORD FORMS SKUNK WORKS TEAM TO FIX LINCOLN By Drew Johnson Apr 4th, 2011 LLN Ford’s Lincoln brand was America’s top-selling luxury brand two decades ago, but has since slipped into automotive obscurity. However, Ford says it is now committed to returning Lincoln to its past glory and has...
  5. Ford recalling 33,256 2010 models to fix seat recliner issue

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford to recall 33,256 vehicles to fix seat fault DETROIT (Reuters) -- Ford Motor Co will recall 33,256 of its 2010 model year cars and SUVs to replace potentially faulty front seat recliner mechanisms that could lead to injuries in an accident, according to a notice filed with U.S...
  6. $1million prize for Toyota Fix - Edmunds

    Diablo's Den offers $1-million prize for Toyota fix - L.A.Times The auto information and pricing company is launching a public competition to find a solution to the carmaker's unintended-acceleration problem. By Nathan Olivarez-Giles March 3, 2010 Solve the unintended acceleration problem, win a...
  7. The (toyota) FIX - FmcNews Exclusive!!!

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    The (toyota) FIX introduces their SUE** AVOIDANCE PROGRAM (**SUdden-acceleration Events), an advanced mechanism made entirely of recycled Tundra tailgates that have fallen off... keeping with their ultra-green 'pretensions'. Prediction or just Rendered Speculation?
  8. AP: Ford: Parts to Fix Recalled Cars Delayed

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford: Parts to Fix Recalled Cars Delayed Wednesday October 17, 6:05 pm ET By Ken Thomas, Associated Press Writer Ford Reports Delay in Parts Used to Repair Speed Control in 1.25 Million Recalled Vehicles WASHINGTON (AP) -- Ford Motor Co. said Wednesday that parts used to fix 1.25 million...
  9. says: Ford should fix Jaguar

    European Competition The votes are in. While Ford executives leaf through the bids from potential new owners of both the Jaguar and Land Rover brands, users of have been having their say on the options laid out before bosses of the Blue Oval...