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  1. Adding a new Vehicle to the fleet

    The Lounge
    Hopefully will be in the driveway by Tuesday, more pics to follow
  2. Lincoln Sales Increase Slightly Despite a Drop in Fleet Sales

    Lincoln Brand News
    Lincoln Sales Increase Slightly Despite a Drop in Fleet Sales Lincoln Mar-04-2015 7:00 AM ET Lincoln retail sales increased 3 percent in February versus last year despite a significant drop in fleet sales for the luxury brand. “Lincoln’s February sales results were adversely impacted by a...
  3. Fleet Van Awards Triumph For Ford

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Fleet Van Awards Triumph For Ford Dec-09-2013 3:15 AM ET ​BRENTWOOD, England - Ford of Britain picked up three trophies in the “Fleet Van” Awards, including the prestigious Van Manufacturer of the Year title. The UK publication also presented the Medium Van of the Year award to the...
  4. Dodge unveils new Special Service Durango for police, fleet buyers

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    Dodge unveils new Special Service Durango for police, fleet buyers Looking to cash in on the increasingly large police utility vehicle market, Dodge today unveiled a special fleet version of its Durango three-row SUV. The Special Service Durango will be available to police and fire...
  5. Midsize Fleet Percentages - BizJournals

    Automotive Industry News
    Countdown: Midsized cars, ranked by fleet sales - Business First by Dan Eaton, Staff reporter Date: Monday, August 27, 2012 ...gulf between individual buyers and fleet purchases is especially pronounced in the popular midsize segment, where one of every four cars sold through July 2012 has gone...
  6. Hyundai cuts fleet to keep marketshare - FreePress

    Asian Competition
    Hyundai fights to keep market share by hiking output, cutting fleet sales - FreePress Alisa Priddle 11:54 AM, July 13, 2012 Hyundai is trying to retain 5% retail market share in the U.S. with only 2.5% of total inventory on dealer lots. It’s a challenge, said Hyundai chief John Krafcik, who is...
  7. Ford on Fleet Sales

    Ford Corporate News
    Properly Managed, Fleet Business Profitable, Ford Says - WardsAuto Byron Pope - Mar. 28, 2012 9:30am Last year, 31% of the auto maker’s total sales went to fleets, a percentage Kevin Koswick contends represents “a balanced portfolio.” DETROIT – Common perceptions about the automotive fleet...
  8. Ford heaviest in fleet sales in U.S.

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford heaviest in fleet sales in U.S. By Andrew Ganz Jan 27th, 2012 LLN Finding a buyer of any sort is generally a success story for an automaker, but a new report reveals that Ford leads the industry in sales to less-lucrative rental and commercial fleets. Nearly a third of the more than 2...
  9. 2010 Fleet Sales (top 5 per segment)

    Automotive Industry News
    not the complete listing (in 6 month chunks) but first I remember seeing 2010 Top 5 Fleet Vehicle Registrations by Fleet Segment
  10. Looking for info/advice on fleet sales reps compensation plans

    Ford Car Discussion
    I have an appointment this week with the GM of a local dealer to discuss a small, 3-49 unit, fleet sales rep position. I'd like to gather as much first hand info as possible about fleet rep compensation plans in order to evaluate the offer. Thanks in advance for any information and advice.
  11. Ford's The People's Fleet Loans Cars to Nonprofits In Need

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Ford's The People's Fleet Loans Cars to Nonprofits In Need By: ALISSA WALKER September 7, 2010 Starting September 13, Ford will launch The People's Fleet, loaning 12 Ford Fiestas to 12 nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles. The goal is to provide a platform for Ford to get the word...
  12. Best Buy Geek Squad fleet adds Ford vans

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Minivan/Van, Ford Best Buy is looking to save a few bucks on fuel while adding functionality to its Geek Squad fleet, so the big box store is looking to Ford Motor Company's commercial vans to for an answer. The ubiquitous electronics and entertainment store is replacing some of...
  13. NYPD adds Ford Fusion Hybrid to fleet

    Ford Corporate News
    The New York Police Department has added 30 Ford Fusion Hybrids to its fleet to test the vehicles' durability over the long haul. Ford Fusion Hybrid - FordFusion - Police - United States - Law Enforcement [url=]More...
  14. "Camo" Range Rover Evoque Fleet Hits the Road

    European Competition
    Just the Facts: Land Rover launches a fleet of camouflaged Range Rover Evoques as a marketing ploy. The prototypes can be seen in 10 cities worldwide. Victoria Beckham, Land Rover's newly appointed creative executive, will help design a special edition Range Rover Evoque. LONDON — A Range Rover...
  15. Ford's 2011 Fleet Lineup now 100% equiped with sustainable engines

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Ford's 2011 Fleet Vehicle Lineup Launches With 100 Percent Sustainable Powertrain Technology DEARBORN, Mich., April 22 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- •Ford – the industry leader in commercial and government fleet sales – is launching the most comprehensive, fuel-efficient fleet lineup in North...
  16. Canadian PS replacing fleet with TCs

    Ford Truck Discussion
    Ford announced that it has secured a crucial contract with the Canada Post that will replace its aging fleet of postal service delivery vehicles. Ford won the contract after an open request for proposal process. The United States Postal Service operates the largest civilian vehicle fleet in...
  17. My fleet

    Member's Driveway
    Hi, all! New to this site although I've been on BON for a while. I recognize some of you from the other site. Currently, my fleet is comprised of the following: 2003 Mustang GT Convertible 2007 Mercury Mariner 2009 Lincoln MKZ 2008 Ford Focus (wife's part-time car) 2005 Dodge Neon SXT (kid's...
  18. Ford Fuel Cell Fleet Exceeds Performance Expectations

    The Lounge
    LINK: FORD FUEL CELL FLEET EXCEEDS PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS, TEST PROGRAM EXTENDED - The first generation Focus Fuel Cell vehicles have performed better than expected, exceeding 865,000 real world miles and earning praise from fleet users around the world. - Ford has extended its...
  19. Greening the Yellow Fleet

    The Lounge
    thanks to HoosierRon @ GMI The Greening of the Yellow Fleet Quote: There are 13,150 taxi medallions on New York City streets, and 1,020 (or about 7.8 percent) are on hybrids. The first hybrids entered the fleet in October 2005. Those now in use include: 845 Ford Escapes 92 Toyota Highlanders...
  20. AutoNews:Detroit Trim Fleet Sales

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Detroit 3 trim fleet sales As rental sales drop, so do retail sales Bradford Wernle Automotive News | December 10, 2007 - 12:01 am EST While the Detroit 3 have reduced sales to daily rental fleets, their sinking retail sales have kept them heavily dependent on the fleets. For the first...