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  1. Competition News
    Infiniti Q60 to Make 400-HP, More Powerful Version to Follow Speaking with AutoGuide at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, a company representative who commented on the condition of anonymity said that we should expect two versions of the car with the entry level model starting at...
  2. Asian Competition
    Lexus could follow up LFA with production LF-LC By Ben Hsu Monday, Dec 9th, 2013 @ 1:47 am The striking Lexus LF-LC concept revealed at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show may go into production as a follow-up to the LFA supercar. According to Autocar, the LFA's chief engineer Haruhiko Tanahashi and...
  3. Competition News
    Jeep-Based Alfa Romeo SUV To Follow 4C In U.S. Return: Report By Nelson Ireson April 26th, 2011 Motor Authority The first new Alfa Romeo to lead the brand's return to the United States will be the 4C, the stunning little coupe unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. Not far behind it, another Alfa...
  4. Ford Car Discussion
    Who knew that the Fiesta Movement was going to turn out to be the Fiesta Adventure – at least, for Agent 44 Jake Bronstein. Not long ago, he reported his Fiesta stolen and Ford was meant to be tracking it on a joyride near Port Chester, NY. Turns out that Ford wasn't tracking the right car, and...
  5. General Motors Discussion
    AP GM says CEO will drive to Washington Tuesday December 2, 10:30 am ET GM grounds jet for Washington trip, says CEO will drive company car to appear before Congress DETROIT (AP) -- This time, GM Chief Rick Wagoner will drive a company car to Washington instead of flying by corporate jet as he...
  6. Mercury Discussion
    I was thinking this is probably the best way to fetch higher prices for higher content Euro Fords
1-6 of 7 Results