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  1. FoMoCoNews Exclusive: Ford's Worldwide Model Breakdown Sales for April

    Ford Corporate News
    FoMoCoNews Exclusive: Ford's Worldwide Model Breakdown Sales for April In April, the World F-Series/Lobo was Ford's best seller for the reporting nations at 49,804 units followed by the World Focus at 47,203. The World Fiesta came in 3rd at 39,958. Next month the World Fiesta will start sales...
  2. The legend and Legacy of the Cobra R a Fomoconews exclusive retrospective

    Mustang Discussion
    The Legend and Legacy of the Cobra R A GMfan1111/Fomoconews retrospective editorial Cobra R, what does one think when that name crosses there mind? Some will probably think that the R models were a waste of money and had a limited Clientele. To many Mustang enthusiasts they represent...
  3. FoMoCoNews Exclusive: Evidence showing Mexican Fiesta plant could support EU

    Ford Car Discussion
    Could the Mexican Fiesta plant be used for Europe? One of Ford's executives last year made a splash last year when he said that the Fiesta one day could be exported from North America to Europe. And with the Fiesta now selling 70,000 units plus a month, it might very well be needed. Here is the...
  4. Fomoconews goes for a drive in the BMW 328i

    Member Auto Reviews
    Hi guys sorry for the long wait in posting this one (I did promise that i'll be duel posting reviews here and on GMI) But I was down and out with a pretty nasty cold but thanks to some claritin pills I'm well enough to deliver this review to you all enjoy (pics will be up later today)
  5. Fomoconews runs into the new MKX cruising through town

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    MKX Spied In The Wild Detroit MI- Hi guys I know it seems to be taking forever to get my posters choice review up but I have not forgotten all about you and I'm still working on it (the dealership im currently dealing with this time is giving me every single form of the runaround possible)...
  6. Fomoconews stumbles onto a fiesta sized mystery

    Ford Car Discussion
    Hi guys I was over at GM proving grounds on day two of my hunt for the elusive Z/28 Camaro. No Zeds to report so far but I did see a batch of NA spec fiestas on their car hauler ( I saw there NA spec grilles). I got one good shot of them (the dummy in the explorer in front of me cut me off and...
  7. Fomoconews goes for a drive in the 2010 chevy equinox

    Member Auto Reviews goes for a drive in the 2010 Chevrolet Equinox Has GM finally designed the right CUV for today’s market? That very same question was asked by consumers and critics alike back when the first generation Equinox was introduced for the 2005 model year. With standard V6 power...
  8. Fomoconews goes for a drive in the 2011 Ford Transit Connect

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Has Ford finally designed the perfect small van? (Detroit MI)Before the Transit connects arrival on our shores late last year, small U.S business owners only had three main vehicle choices to choose from. The Chevy Express/GMC Savannah, The gigantic Dodge Sprinter and Fords venerable but...
  9. Fomoconews Editorial:Toyota Troubles Bring Consumer Reports Ratings into Focus.

    Asian Competition
    Fomoconews Opinion:Toyota Troubles Bring Consumer Reports Ratings into Focus. (San Diego Ca.) We are currently witnessing an unprecedented downfall of an auto company. Long the darling of quality ratings at consumer reports, Toyota’s quality reputation has been held up on a pedestal. For years...
  10. Fomoconews exclusive review: Gmfan1111 test drives the 2010 Ford Taurus

    Ford Car Discussion
    Fomoconews exclusive review:2010 Ford Taurus The Ford Taurus nameplate has a long and storied career at Ford motor company. First appearing in the 1986 model year the original Taurus helped redefine the midsize sedan and brought Monumental sales for the Blue Oval. Things really got up and...
  11. Fomoconews Vehicle Highlight: 2010 Ford Flex

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Fomoconews Vehicle Highlight: 2010 Ford Flex Ford Flex already turns heads with its distinctive design. For 2010 Ford's unique full-size crossover becomes even more noteworthy, thanks to an available twin-turbocharged direct-injected 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 engine. This all-new engine gives...
  12. Fomoconews: Cruze-ation of the Aveo

    General Motors Discussion
    Fomoconews: Cruze-ation of the Aveo The still new Aveo gets a dose of flamboyance with a restyle that bestows some chunky cruze looks on Chevy's low-priced econoride. The beefy nose, with it's raised, V-shaped center section is very evocative of the Cruze look out there today with a nip and...
  13. Mazda is not Ford. remove this section from FoMoCoNews

    Mazda Discussion
    Mazda is not part of Ford Motor Company any more. Then, FoMoCoNews should remove this section from the forums.
  14. Fomoconews Exclusive: Kia Spy Shots

    Asian Competition
    Kia Spy Shots These were just taken by Mbukukanyau. A Good friend of this site. They are raw cell phone images. Please acknowledge this sit if you like.
  15. FoMoCoNews: China Gets La Crosse BAS Hybrid

    General Motors Discussion
    FoMoCoNews: China Gets La Crosse BAS Hybrid FoMoCoNews: China Gets La Crosse BAS Hybrid Shanghai, China – In the presence of China Environmental Protection Foundation President Qu Geping and representatives from across its value chain, Shanghai General Motors officially inaugurated its Drive...
  16. FoMoCoNews Designer Series: Martin Smith

    Ford Employee Discussion
    FoMoCoNews Designer Series Martin Smith Born in 1949 in Sheffield, England, Smith attended King Edward VII School. A car fanatic since he was a boy, he wrote letters to Mini designer Alec Issigonis asking how to become a car designer and received kindly and encouraging replies. He studied...
  17. FoMoCoNews Highlight: 2008 Ford Focus Facelift

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    FoMoCoNews Highlight: 2008 Ford Focus Facelift See the above CGI, well according to Autoexpress this is how the facelifted Focus will look like when it's presented later on the year. While we'll validate the fact that Ford will unveil a revised version of the Focus at the Frankfurt Show ?not...
  18. FoMoCoNews Excl: Another CTS V Rumor

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    A Detroiter who now reads Fomoconews and talks to GM insiders in the know about the 2009 Cadillac CTS-V has tipped FoMoCoNews.Com that the 2009 CTS V is going Vegan. It will be athletic and agile. GM is looking for it to be at or below 3700 lbs Curb Weight. To Do this, Cadillac is taking...
  19. Breaking FoMoCoNews: Ford #1 in CUV sales

    Ford Corporate News
    FORD #1 in CUV Sales Crossover utility vehicles (CUVs) have been and will continue to be the fastest growing category in the U.S. industry. Industry wide sales are up 18% in the first half of 2007. These are the car-based utility vehicles. Annual sales have grown from about 500,000 in year...
  20. Official FoMoCoNews Design challenge

    Ford Inside News Design Talent Center
    Allright kids, listen up: Other forums have photoshop contests and I thought it's about time we have one too. Of course, in typical FoMoCoNews style, this isn't going to be just any old contest. Because this isn't just a contest, it's a challenge! You have one month (until August 24th) to work...