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  1. Automotive Industry News
    deliberately echoing N.R.'s tech thread's title; for another area where Ford & GM go different ways... Return to Super Bowl, Like GM? Ford May Have A Better Idea - Forbes Dale Buss 9/03/2013 Now that General Motors has promised a return to Super Bowl advertising this season, is it likely that...
  2. Automotive Industry News
    The Most Anticipated Cars of 2013 - Forbes Joann Muller, Forbes Staff 9/10/2012 Debuting later this year, the new Lincoln MKZ represents the future of Lincoln. It features impressive styling, with a distinctive retractable glass roof, and other unique features like a push-button gear selector...
  3. Ford Corporate News
    Ford's Unsung Hero Forbes Magazine By Joann Muller September 9, 2010 Ford Motor Chief Executive Alan Mulally gets most of the credit--deservedly so--for steering Ford clear of bankruptcy in 2009. But it wouldn't have been possible without the knife-juggling capital management of Lewis...
  4. Ford Corporate News
    Gurus Pile Into Ford The best performing online investors bet big on the car maker. for video CLICK HERE
  5. European Competition
    from Forbes Top 10 Luxury Car Dealerships Jaguar ranks No. 1 for dealership experience ...the brand's dealer experience is tops. Jaguar placed first overall in J.D. Power's combined surveys, with a strong first-place ranking of 912 on the SSI, 21 points above its closest competitor, Cadillac...
1-5 of 5 Results