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  1. Fortune 500 for 2009: Ford ranks 8th

    Ford Corporate News In March, Ford completed its exit from the luxury car market by selling Volvo to China's Geely Automobile for $1.6 billion. Although the sale represents a sharp loss -- the company paid $6 billion for the Swedish automaker eleven years ago...
  2. Fortune: The Blue Oval Fights Back!!

    Ford Corporate News
    The Blue Oval Fights Back Jerry Flint, 02.17.09, 06:00 AM EST In today's auto industry, the battle is for survival, and Ford Motor looks as if it may be a survivor. The cover of the March Automobile magazine reads, in thick, black, two-inch capital letters, "Ford Lives." The cover also...
  3. FORTUNE: Car companies: Congestion on the auction block

    European Competition
    VIA Car companies: Congestion on the auction block Who is going to buy Jaguar and Land Rover? Fortune's Alex Taylor outlines the likely candidates. By Alex Taylor III, Fortune senior editor June 15 2007: 9:26 AM EDT NEW YORK (Fortune) -- As the restructuring of the auto industry continues...
  4. Fortune: The Cerberus-Chrysler deal reconsidered

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    The Cerberus-Chrysler deal reconsidered Everyone is certain that it's blue skies ahead for Chrysler. Fortune's Alex Taylor asks, Is there less here than meets the eye? By Alex Taylor III, Fortune senior editor May 25 2007: 5:43 AM EDT NEW YORK (Fortune) -- The business world was agog. A bold...
  5. FORTUNE: Detroit's darkest hour

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Detroit's darkest hour The collapse of pickup truck sales undermines the industry's chances of survival, says Fortune's Alex Taylor. NEW YORK (Fortune) -- You don't see any on the streets of Manhattan, but almost everywhere else, the homely pickup truck is America's common carrier. GM, Ford and...
  6. Ford Familys Shrunken Fortune.

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
  7. Fortune: Most-Recalled Cars

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Fortune: Most-Recalled Cars for article CLICK HERE. Dodge Ram Pickup - 7 recalls Dodge Durango SUV - 6 recalls Chevrolet Silverado Pickup - 4 recalls GMC Sierra Pickup - 4 recalls Honda Civic Coupe And Sedan - 4 recalls Hyundai Sonata Sedan - 4 recalls Land Rover Range Rover Sport SUV - 4...