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  1. 2015 F-150 Durability Forum Reveals Little-Known Facts about New Truck Testing

    Ford Truck Discussion
    This is great stuff. Got it from DEARBORN – ​Ford recently held an F-150 "We Test" forum at the Research and Innovation Center in Dearborn where members of the truck team educated media about the durability, quality and reliability...
  2. New guy. Surprised I didn't find this forum long ago.

    The Lounge
    I missed out on all the demise of the Ranger talk! Name is Dale. From the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Owned a few Fords in my past. 2 Rangers, a '67 Mustang. Come to think of it, I came home from the hospital in 1960 Fairlane 500. I discovered this forum existed while reading a thread on...
  3. New To The Forum

    The Lounge
    Just wanted to introduce myself. I just found this place and have had a couple of Fords in the past. A 78 Lincoln, 86 Bronco 11, and a 92 Explorer. All good. I missed the Bronco the most. Currently driving a Jeep though so don't hold it against me.....LOL Anyway, I just wanted to look around...
  4. New to the forum...

    The Lounge
    Glad to find this one. Vietnam vet, USAF and Army, now a retired computer systems engineer from the DoD. Build my own desktops. Football fan, but don't get me started on the Kansas City! Political conservative, hunter until my arthritis caught up with me. I've been...
  5. Focus ST prices, MiniSite, & Build-One

    Ford Brand News - Global
    Focus ST Nation Forum Focus ST starts at $24,495 ($23,700 MSRP + $795 destination) 2013MY_Focus_ST_PriceList.pdf
  6. Design Director Max Wolff Speaks at Autoweek Design Forum 2012

    Lincoln Brand News
    Posted on Lincoln's facebook "Lincoln Design Director Max Wolff spoke about Lincoln's new design team and direction at Autoweek Design Forum 2012. Click here to watch Max's insight on Lincoln's design innovation and what's ahead for the brand. Are you looking forward to what's in store for the...
  7. New To The Forum
    Hi, Hey everybody i am new to the forum. I hope i can learn and share a lot on this forum!
  8. Discount coupon for forum members
    I would like to share a special discount for our forums members. Feel free to use "FORUMS" as a 10% Discount Coupon Code when shopping on our site. This coupon will work for most of the products on except for manufacturers that have strict MAP policies such as E&G Classics, Borla...
  9. Suggest Forum Guidelines

    Suggest A News Article
    Suggest Forum Guidelines This forum is for all members to post news articles that they feel are relevant to be in our Press Room forums. Those forums are strictly for news articles only and they are tied to the news ticker on the front page. To avoid "pouching" content from other outlets...
  10. Well, it's good to see the forum back up... Site Issues
    So! Did you buy the 4.0 Suite? Or the basic script? If you have the CMS, the front page can be very informative and interesting...
  11. Video:Fiero forum gives dying teen his last wish

    General Motors Discussion
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  12. Mazda move to other forum area?

    Mazda Discussion
    isnt it time we move this to competion area of former ford brands? dont mean to stir up the pot. but we Jaguar/Land Rover are now off this area.
  13. VIDEO: Allan Mullaly addresses Ford Dealer's Forum

    Ford Corporate News
    An insight loo to Mulally's vision of Ford and strategy for success in very simple and blunt terms. For video CLCIK HERE.
  14. The Mustang Forum in here is also dead

    Mustang Discussion
    Americas No. 1 Pony car and t here is nothing here about it. Not even a V-6???:confused: :( I hope the Mustang doesn't die like the Firebird and Camaro did as so it seems to be that the Mustang is dead here.:(