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  1. Excellent Inside Lincoln Continental Scoop from MT Forums

    Lincoln Discussion In Brief: -Called Continental (or MKS Continental) -Suicide Doors -AWD-only -RWD for next-generation
  2. Reduce the number of Forums Site Issues
    I think there are just too many forums on this board, and many could be combined. It would allow people to see threads that are overlooked way down in the cellar of the board. Does anyone else agree?
  3. seperate some forums Site Issues
    i think i would make an individual GM and Chrysler section, theres just too much confusion and you forget which is which in the same forum, just a thought...
  4. Other forums...

    The Lounge
    I was wondering what other (car related) forums you belong to. I'm also a member of GMInside News forums (also known as Diesel/_ there) and I'm a moderator on a small forum called about Chinese cars. I joined this forum because I like the familiar format and the people...