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  1. 2013 MKZ AWD Review - 'A Leap Forward'

    Lincoln Discussion
    2013 Lincoln MKZ AWD is a leap forward for stagnant brand More than three years have passed since I last tested a Lincoln, and that tells you something about how stagnant the automaker's lineup has been. Lincolns have been little more that gussied-up Fords for some time. But...
  2. Mark Fields with USAToday: Ford rolls on its 'Way Forward' turnaround

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford rolls on its 'Way Forward' turnaround As some encouraging signs start to emerge from Ford Motor's turnaround plan, much of the credit is likely to go to Mark Fields. Fields, an executive vice president, is Ford's domestic car and truck chief. But he's not as stiff as his title might make...
  3. EcoBoost - Finding the Way Forward: Ford shuffles the product deck

    Ford Corporate News
    Click here for the article from MotorTrend A Flex with EcoBoost and better gas mileage than the D35 sounds mighty fine to me! Not to mention that a 300+ HP AWD Fusion would be the new king of the mid-size clan. I can't wait to see how this all pans out now because this is all VERY good news...
  4. Seeking alpha: Ford Reports Strong Quarter: Looking Forward to long term growth

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford Reports Another Strong Quarter: Looking Forward to Long Term Growth Dominic Brault One of our top buys, Ford Motor Company, recently reported 3Q earnings (see conference call transcript). Specifically, the Company reported a loss of $0.01 per share, which significantly outperformed the...
  5. FoMoCoNews Editorial: Another step of Ford's Way forward

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Another Step of Ford's Way Forward - Ford Consolidates Six Cylinder Engines By Igor FoMoCo News Editorial 07/18/2007 Ford Australia announced today that it will close its Geelong engine plant in 2010 as it phases out its local 4.0l I6 engines and replaces it with the modern Duratec (Cyclone)...