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  1. FCA U.S exec shuffle (out)

    Chrysler Group Discussion
    Top FCA designer to lead Alfa Romeo, Maserati design Detroit Free Press Brent Snavely, October 13, 2015 Klaus Busse, a top designer for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, said Tuesday he is leaving Auburn Hills to lead design for Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Maserati in Europe as the automaker continued to...
  2. small but mighty engines "trend" - FreeP

    Automotive Industry News
    kind of a rambling, disjointed article imho but this posted part I found interesting... New auto trend picks up speed: Small but mighty engines - Detroit Free Press By Alisa Priddle April 12, 2015 Smaller engines, better transmissions, electronic wizardry and lightweight materials in new cars...
  3. 2011 Freep Car and Truck of the Year: Chevy Volt and Ford Explorer

    Automotive Industry News
    Chevrolet Volt, Ford Explorer make drivers see green By MARK PHELAN Dec. 30, 2010 Detroit Free Press Green isn't a single color; it's a spectrum on an artist's palette. As automakers reduce their vehicles' emissions and petroleum consumption, they must choose the right shade of green for each...
  4. Freep's Opinions Regarding Ford Profits

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    We're in the process of moving from the very difficult times we've been through to growing the business," Booth said. That included more than $30 billion in losses from 2006 to 2008; a 43% reduction in the North American work force, to 70,000, and the shuttering of 14 assembly and parts plants...
  5. Freep: Ford committed to building Flex, even with new Explorer in the wings

    FIN Headline News
    Filed under: Crossover, Ford 2010 Ford Flex Ecoboost - Click above for high-res image gallery Despite its many functional charms, the U.S. car market has simply never warmed up to the Ford Flex in the two years it has been on sale. Nonetheless, Ford will persevere with the big wagon even...
  6. Freep: Ford To Pick Toyota's Slack

    Ford Corporate News
    Ford To Gain Most From Toyota Woes Toyota's recalls crisis is expected to help drive the company's share of the U.S. market to about 12%, its lowest level in nearly five years in February. When monthly auto sales are reported Tuesday, the industry will get to see which automakers, such as...
  7. Freep: Safety F150 Vs. 2007 Tundra

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    Crash worthy: Ford takes on Toyota Bryce G. Hoffman / The Detroit News Ford Motor Co. will push the envelope a little further tonight with a new television commercial that shows an actual crash test of one of its pickups. The new spot is the latest in a series of ads for the F-150 featuring...