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  1. Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Today you can option out a Focus with a Flux Capacitor, but the option is pretty pricy.
  2. FIN Auto Show Coverage
    IAA Concept. An electric concept car from Stuttgart. The conpetition for the Tesla Model S?. The shape: a radical fastback, with prominet rear shoulders and double bubble at the rear window.
  3. General Motors Discussion
    Exclusive: Most of Buick's future U.S. cars may come from overseas Reuters - Business News DETROIT | By Paul Lienert & Bernie Woodall | Aug 18, 2015 Most Buick vehicles sold in the United States after 2016 could be imported from China and Europe, according to two sources familiar with parent...
  4. Competition News
    imho that console looks BETTER than Cadillac's '''chevron-overload'''
  5. Asian Competition
    Future Japanese SportsCars Automobile Magazine June 26, 2015 By: Automobile Staff | Illustration by Radovan Varicak Nissan GT-R What We Know Details about the second-generation version of today’s Nissan GT-R are swirling... ...Nissan’s design director, Shiro Nakamura, confirmed at a media...
  6. FoMoCo Engineering
    Q&A with Mike Tinskey, the man behind Ford's electric future - theVerge By Chris Ziegler April 24, 2015 ...Mike Tinskey is Ford's global director of electrification and infrastructure — that is to say, it's on him to make sure electric cars and hybrids get into customers' hands and work well...
  7. Suggest A News Article
    For the rest of this story about future driving technology please visit
  8. Competition News
    Lexus GX and LX future may be in doubt In an interview with Autoblog at the 2015 New York Auto Show, Lexus executive vice president Mark Templin gave some hints at the future of his brand's SUV lineup. "With NX and RX, we have a really good one-two punch in the crossover segments, and we think...
  9. Lincoln Discussion
    The Lincoln Continental concept previews the upcoming MKS replacement, which will be based on an extended version of the Ford Fusion’s front-drive platform. A slightly larger, rear-wheel-drive sedan with a fast roofline, which was to be based on the Ford Mustang, has been axed...
  10. Lincoln Discussion
    Any news about the future of Lincoln MKT ? Am thinking of buying one in the UAE. Latest news on its future will help my decision. Heard rumors that, Lincoln/Ford might phase out MKT and stop production of the car. Any truth in this please ?
  11. Ford Brand News - Global
    Future Ford GT First Look? Ford is Bringing Back the GT?, and It’s Coming to the Detroit Auto Show? For Blue Oval fans, 2016 looms large. That year marks the 50th anniversary of Ford's greatest racing victory, the first of four consecutive wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. To commemorate and...
  12. Competition News
    Cadillac Names New Flagship CT6, All Future Models will Use CT Lettering GM has just confirmed the name of its upcoming Mercedes-Benz S-Class challenger from Cadillac as the new CT6. According to GM, the model name originates from "Cadillac’s "use of CTS for its centerpiece carline" and it...
  13. Competition News
    U Spy: What Future GM Models Are Hiding Under the Covers? Putting aside the current generation models like the Corvette Stingray Z06, Camaro and GMC trucks that were probably support vehicles - though, one cannot be sure about these things as GM could be testing new features, there were close...
  14. Automotive Industry News
    For more information on this story, Lightweight Steel Still Has Future in Pickups: Supplier please visit
  15. Lincoln Brand News
    Carscoops - Future Cars: Propelling Lincoln the Right Way with Mustang-Based Coupe Wednesday, September 10, 2014 at 9:05 pm | Posted by Carscoop Carscoop Fans of the Lincoln Motor Company have had little to rejoice over in recent years; however, slowly but surely, the brand is making good on...
  16. Competition News
    Chrysler brand to double lineup The Chrysler brand will begin its expansion in 2016 from three nameplates to six when it adds a compact car, the 100 sedan. The ambitious expansion, which includes two plug-in hybrids, will help transform the brand into Chrysler Group's full-line Ford and...
  17. Ford Motor Company Discussion
  18. FoMoCo Engineering
    just happened to find this... Autoline This Week Published on Aug 2, 2014 It wasn’t until the late 20th Century that the all-powerful auto industry started to realize it didn’t operate in an autonomous protected bubble; that forces around the world impacted everything it did. So many of the...
1-18 of 120 Results