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  1. Review: 2014 Buick Regal GS (FWD)

    General Motors Discussion
    Had a chance to spend sometime with the 2014 Buick Regal GS (the first GM product review for my growing auto news website. Check out my thoughts below
  2. Fwd bmw x1

    European Competition This is why I don't have any issue with CUVs being on FWD platforms as I believe they make the most sense for that type of vehicle. If anything the idea of performance CUVs is counter intuitive to me. As for the above image, it screams Subaru...
  3. Is a Lincoln Compact FWD Sedan Next?

    Lincoln Brand News
    Could a Lincoln compact FWD/AWD sedan come as early as MY2017? Based a report from Automotive News that 'BMW has plans for a new front-wheel-drive entry-level sedan, falling in just below the existing 3-series sedan", and Lincoln's focus on targeting this entry luxury market, it's clear that an...
  4. the CD4+3 Fwd+Rwd Poll

    Ford Car Discussion
    maybe a crazy idea but since the coming larger/wider CD4+3 version of the FusionMondeoS-MaxGalaxyEdgeMKX's CD4 platform will be part of what looks like it's going to be the most widely proliferated architecture in the world-according-to-Ford, and since that level of shared-co$t profitability...
  5. Chrysler to build Ram version of fwd Fiat van at expanded Mexico plant

    Competition News
    Chrysler to build Ram version of fwd Fiat van at expanded Mexico plant Larry P. Vellequette January 13, 2012 Automotive News Chrysler Group plans to add a large expansion to its current facilities in Saltillo, Mexico, to assemble a Ram-branded version of the Fiat Ducato commercial van for...
  6. My FWD Falcon (Taurus)

    Member's Driveway
    Thought I'd post pics of the ride. She's a 2004 Ford Taurus (that replaced a 2001 Taurus) with the 3Litre Vulcan, floor shift, and all sorts of features. I love the car. I don't get to take it on many long trips though, which is where it really shines. Here are a few various shots. I...
  7. RWD Chevy Impala In Your Future? Maybe Not. AN: GM Has FWD Backup Plan

    General Motors Discussion
    Link: Chevy's Impala replacement may not be rwd after all. Tougher CAFE rules may alter GM plan Rick Kranz - Automotive News - November 5, 2007 Just when you thought General Motors was giving up on the front-drive Chevrolet Impala for a...