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  1. Abandoned, what call?, Race board game

    The Lounge
    * What abandoned vehicles have you seen recently? This was spotted in Maryville TN! What would you call this Cadillac truck? Ever played this Auto Race board...
  2. name game: MB, CTco, Linky, Ifnit - MPh/Freep

    Competition News
    Why Cadillac and Mercedes need new model names - Detroit Free Press By Mark Phelan, November 16, 2014 It was well past time for Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz to adopt new naming systems, despite complaints from some of the brands' followers. There's no evidence to support the people who decry...
  3. Guess the Song, Lyrics Game

    The Lounge
    Play along. If you figure out the song and band, include another one. Lyrics presented should not bee too much or too few. From the 80's, guess this song: ,,,,,,,Father forgive me I tried not to do it Turned over a new leaf then tore right through it Whatever you taught me I didn't...
  4. *CGI* 2.7EB = Game Changer ...WardsAuto

    FoMoCo Engineering
    imho we needed a new EB thread - so in honor of the new 2.7 putting it here so it doesn't get lost... ...&or maybe get this section renamed! New Ford V-6 Will Be Game Changer - WardsAuto Jan. 23, 2014 by Drew Winter in Road Ahead A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but knowing an engine...
  5. Ford's Farley studies video game industry, refines prelaunch marketing efforts

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    By John Neff Posted Oct 17th 2012 1:30PM Throughout these tough economic times, automakers have looked all over for new marketing ideas to get their products noticed. Ford is no stranger to experiments in marketing, and its chief marketing man, Jim Farley, confirms that the video game industry...
  6. GAME CHANGERS: M.Phelan/FreePress: Look to these cars to shake up competitive balance

    Automotive Industry News
    via Mark Phelan on facebook Game changers: Look to these cars to shake up competitive balance - FreePress Mark Phelan 1:36 AM, Sep. 29, 2011 A handful of cars and SUVs hitting the road over the next year or so could shake up the competitive balance among the world's top automakers. GM's Buick...
  7. Memo to GM: Ford won’t play the price war game

    General Motors Discussion
    Memo to GM: Ford won’t play the price war game AUTOMOTIVE NEWS Jamie LaReau March 2, 2011 General Motors Co. denies it’s igniting a price war by recently offering higher incentives and lease pull-ahead deals on many vehicles. GM is right. It’s not stirring up a price war -- at least not with...
  8. GM Name Game: "Chevy" Not Taboo After All

    General Motors Discussion
    General Motors does some furious backpedaling on Thursday over a memo that told staffers to quit saying Chevy. "In no way are we discouraging customers or fans from using the name," the automaker said. More...
  9. Foust Ups His Rallycross Game

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Tanner Foust improved upon his 8th place finish from the Portugal stop of the European Rallycross championship with a 6th place finish at the most recent U.K. round at the Lydden Hill Circuit. In fact, Foust made it to the final heat in the Division 1 category, only to suffer a driveshaft...
  10. Lets play a game...

    The Lounge
    Lets play a game...what new vehicles do we have under the tarps?! From left to right... Explorer Fiesta coupe? look at the roofline Edge Super Duty Harley Davidson MkS?
  11. Change one letter game!

    The Lounge
    How the game works: Start off with a word, for example cord you can only change one letter per entry So, I'll start it with, you guessed it... 4 letter words and only 4 letter words no adding letters or deleting letters the first one is Word
  12. C&D:Ford beats the Japanese at their own game.

    The Lounge
    Car & Driver GM inside news dot com
  13. Volvo joins E85 game

    European Competition Volvo is set to introduce a biofuel engine for its C30,S40 and V50 models. The new 1.8 liter FlexiFuel four cylinder engine puts out the same 125 horsepower as the non-biofuel version, but the E85 car qualifies for a 20 percent tax...
  14. Brand Word Game

    The Lounge
    Lets play a Word Game with Brands. When I write a write what comes to mind.. and then suggest another brand... It can be either a Car company like GM, a brand like Volvo.. or a single product like Camaro.. So, I start with the Brand... Volvo .. Word that comes to mind is...