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  1. Fiesta ST wins Top Gear Car of the Year Award

    Ford Motor Company Discussion We say: "It's a car that invigorates, excites and rekindles some of the love you thought you'd lost for the simple stuff. A car that puts a smile on your face each and every day. It's the most enjoyable car of 2013."
  2. Fifth Gear crashes a Ford Focus at 120 mph

    Ford Car Discussion
    Fifth Gear crashes a Ford Focus at 120 mph (video) For the sake of this post, let's say that your average passenger car can hit a top speed of about 120 miles per hour. Ever wonder what would happen if a...
  3. Vauxhall VXR road test - Top Gear

    General Motors Discussion
  4. Top Gear Kills the Lacetti -Video

    General Motors Discussion
  5. Top Gear 'Ferraris' By Toyota

    Diablo's Den
    The headline act at last week’s Top Gear Live show was a trio of Ferraris doing burnouts, but it appears the Ferraris weren’t real. By RICHARD BLACKBURN.
  6. Top Gear Reviews that Fiesta 1.6l TiVCT

    Ford Car Discussion
    Top Gear took the new Fiesta for a spin .. and lucky for us Yanks, ther tested was equipped with the powertain we will get - the 120hp 1.6l DOHC TiVCT with manual 5speed transmission. Part one: Beach Assault Vehicle: Part Two: Road Test...
  7. Top Gear: Focus RS

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Top Gear: Focus RS Hot on the heels of its 2007 World Rally Championship triumph, Ford has serious plans to get back into the hyperhatch market alongside the Subaru WRX STI with an all-new Focus RS in 2009. Yes, 2009, not 2008. Ford will show a finished concept Focus RS at this year's London...
  8. Top Gear Reviews The Jaguar XF - Brilliant!

    European Competition
    Well it has finally happened...Top Gear has had a go at the newest offering from Jaguar. They took a spin and reviewed the new Jaguar XF. But before you turn away thinking that Jeremy Clarkson did the might want to watch and see what James Maye has to say about it. Brilliant! (Top...
  9. New Season Of BBCs Top Gear Debut in February on BBC America!

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    To all the fans of the BBC Smash Top Gear...I bring you long awaited good news. A new season of Top Gear will begin running on BBC America in February. Now, this will not be the newest season being run in England...but most likely an older season that has been edited to fit more towards the...
  10. Top Gear Who's Who List

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    1 Koenigsegg CCX (with Top Gear spoiler) 1.17.6 2 Pagani Zonda F 1.18.4 3 Maserati MC12 1.18.9 4 Ferrari Enzo 1.19.0 5 Ariel Atom 1.19.5 6 Lamborghini LP640 1.19.8 7 Porsche Carerra GT 1.19.8 8 Koenigsegg CCX 1.20.4 9 Ascari KZ1 1.20.7 10 Mercedes McLaren SLR 1.20.9 11 Ford GT 1.21.9...
  11. Top Gear on Mustang

    Mustang Discussion
    A very good little documentary on the significance of the Ford Mustang on the America Car landscape. Enjoy
  12. Slipshod Power-Number Reportage on Top Gear

    Mustang Discussion Kasey Kagawa is pissed. The Hamster took out a GT500 for review, tossed it on a chassis dyno and came back with 447 horsepower instead of the 500 claimed by Ford. However, it seems from the show as if this was...