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  1. The Continental: Ford's 3 cylinder going into the Focus; Ghia is dead

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    The Continental: Ford’s Three-Cylinder, Notes From the Focus Launch, Ghia is Put to Sleep, and a New Gumpert by Jens Meiners January 28, 2011 Car and Driver Last week, I wrote about BMW’s possible three-cylinder engine strategy. Here’s one that is for sure: Ford will bring a turbocharged...
  2. Honda Civic Coupe Owner Bluffs his Way into Ford Show by Rebadging it as a Ghia Ford

    The Lounge
    For most of us -hopefully- the car pictured above is nothing more than a Honda Civic Si Coupe with Ford logos and decals. But somehow, the owner of the Blue-Oval-badged Civic, Roger Grenon, managed to pass it on as a "very rare 2007 European Ford Capri RS Mark IV Concept car" designed by none...
  3. VW Karmann Ghia sketches

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    some Karmann Ghias: Bigger: I hope you like!
  4. Nesbitt on Mustang II GT-KR and Ghia interior proposal

    Vintage Ford Discussion
    The Richard Nesbitt's Design Archives. The gift that keeps on giving. Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Richard Nesbitt we are able to post here, for your enjoyment and understanding of the Ford Motor company design history, a 1972 proposal for a Mustang II GT-KR and a Mustang II Premium-Level...
  5. Ford Ghia?

    The Lounge
    I found information about Ford Modeo Ghia, and did some research, minimal, obviusly, HERE is something I found. Essentially, for those who do not have the time, the story is, Ford aquired rights to a top of the line name and branded its LE vehicles into Ghias.