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  1. GMfan1111 needs your help choosing what car to review next (last chance)

    Member Auto Reviews
    For those that left their suggestions in my last thread thank you for the replies I've gotten some interesting and unique picks but for those that did not have the chance to submit there suggestions for the "posters choice" car review coming up this is your final opportunity. I was going to...
  2. GMfan1111's folks pull the trigger and buy a new Chevy equinox

    Member's Driveway
    Hi everyone after a few weeks of waiting our folks finally got their brand new Chevy equinox in our driveway. The car is primarily for my moms use and it is a 2LT 4 cylinder with a few options such as a pioneer sound system, remote start and back up camera. This car is the fifth vehicle in our...
  3. GMfan1111 needs your help choosing what car to review next

    Member Auto Reviews
    Hi guys I enjoy going out to the local dealerships here in Metro Detroit and test driving some of the latest products and writing helpful and informative reviews for my fellow comrades. I'm currently working on a review for the Transit connect and should have that up next week and...
  4. GMFan1111 covers the 2010 NAIAS

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    Normally I make my site related announcements in a reply of some kind on another thread BUT, I figured I'd make an exception with this bit of news. As the title implies I will be on the show floor photographing and covering NAIAS on behalf of However due to having absolutely no...
  5. Fomoconews exclusive review: Gmfan1111 test drives the 2010 Ford Taurus

    Ford Car Discussion
    Fomoconews exclusive review:2010 Ford Taurus The Ford Taurus nameplate has a long and storied career at Ford motor company. First appearing in the 1986 model year the original Taurus helped redefine the midsize sedan and brought Monumental sales for the Blue Oval. Things really got up and...
  6. GMfan1111 "runs silent and deep" into dearborn in search of the 2011 ford explorer

    Ford SUV/Crossover Discussion
    GMfan1111 "runs silent and deep" into dearborn in search of the 2011 ford explorer Hi guys, "explorer where art thou?" that was the question I was thinking to myself during my two and a half hour cruise in dearborn today looking for the 2011 ford explorer prototype that recently made an...
  7. GMfan1111 returns to dearborn (56k warning)

    Ford Motor Company Discussion
    Hi guys it's me Fomocos unoffical man on the ground for all the things ford would rather not have you see. On my last trip to dearborn i saw some really cool cars but unfortunately other than a Ford fiesta nothing really stood out. That has all changed with this latest heaping helping of pics...
  8. GMfan1111 goes deep into dearborn to see what he could find

    Ford Car Discussion
    GMfan1111 Visits Dearborn: Gets Spyshots of Fords GMfan1111 Visits Dearborn: Gets Spyshots of Fords Hi guys after the cold welcome I got at my most recent trip to MPG from their spyphotog hunters I decided to change scenery and go Dearborn and see if I could spot the new 2012 "world...
  9. Drive One 4 UR School - Michigan Edition by GMfan1111

    FIN Auto Show Coverage
    thought with the lull in major autoshows, this would be a good place to showcase: GMfan1111's Drive One 4 UR School photos (reposted here with permission - TY, GMfan1111 !!!! :)) ------------- background:'s article from last October & a current article about another Drive One...