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  1. LexStang / LC500 Coupe - via GMI

    Asian Competition
    via (swiped from) Mr. Burns :thumb: @ GMI "We have our first shots of the upcoming Lexus luxury coupe, the LC, courtesy of The Smoking Tire Instragram account: The LC will be based on the next LS modular RWD platform and is expected to launch next year, full reveal likely at NYIAS in Jan...
  2. : facepalm : ...PDL/AE via GMI

    General Motors Discussion
    do you like to lookieloo at accidents on the freeway? Autoextremist: At odds with itself, insipidness reigns at Cadillac via GMI
  3. Cadillac's 'Continental' Starting at $53,495 ...& more/Updated

    General Motors Discussion
    SUBTITLE: Tick... Tick... Tick...via "megeebee" @ GMI Cadillac 'Omega' / 'LTS' / wic
  4. China / LUXers / Prices - WSJ,GMI

    Automotive Industry News
    swiped from afako @ GMI... req. "...Some of the world's biggest luxury car brands lowered their...
  5. "Overcoming The Enemy Within" - Neanderthal,GMI & PDL,Autoextremist

    Competition News
    I'm thinking of this as a pre-Pebble Beach story... "Overcoming The Enemy Within" - Neanderthal, GMI "An excellent move for Cadillac. But..." - The Autoextremist - Rants July 12, 2-14 By Peter M. De Lorenzo The news that GM is bringing in Johan de Nysschen to run Cadillac qualifies as a big...
  6. Alfa 4C: The Attainable Supercar - GMI

    European Competition
    *epic* post at GMI The Attainable Supercar: All-new 2015 4C Coupe Delivers Groundbreaking Italian Design, Advanced Technological Solutions and Supercar-level Performance June 14, 2014 By: GMI Staff ... • Arriving in the third-quarter, the all-new 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C coupe...
  7. So I Checked Out GMI...

    The Lounge
    ... and I was shocked at how active it is! They have so many members and so many active threads. Why isn't as FIN as busy? Is it a newer forum? I would like to see this place become just as busy as its sister site, so we should brainstorm some ideas on how to attract new members.
  8. Possible MKS News from GMI Insiders

    Lincoln Discussion In summary, there are non-Falcon large sedans running around in China. If they're not Falcons, what could they be? Possibly the MKS. Here's a link describing the situation...
  9. Breaking: Upcoming Cadillac Convertible Canceled - GMI

    General Motors Discussion
    imho it sounds like the field for a Mustang-platform-sharing Lincoln RWD sportsedan and coupecabrio has just STAYED a bit more wide open . . . Breaking: Upcoming Cadillac Convertible Canceled - One Alpha product bites the dust. September 27, 2011 By: Nick Saporito Recently...
  10. GM Pres. joins GMI

    General Motors Discussion
    Mark Reuss, President of GM, joins (& posts @) GMI (LINK) Originally Posted by "markreuss" Well--here I am and yep I read all of this regularly. I use the site often because it is a very efficient way to get data on how we are doing and what people think of us. I have been with the company from...
  11. GMI Covers: 2011 Ford F-150 Round-Up

    Ford Brand News - Global
    GMI Covers: 2011 Ford F-150 Round-Up Do the new engines help the F-150 beat the competition? October 25, 2010 By: Mark Bono For the 2011 model year Ford has revised their entire engine lineup on the F-150 and GMI got first hand experience with the new mills in various...
  12. GMI's Volt Questions...Answered

    General Motors Discussion
    GMI's Volt Questions…Answered You were charged up to ask questions, we attempted to get answers. October 20, 2010 By: Nick Saporito As soon as we found out we would be driving the 2011 Chevrolet Volt we asked our readers to submit their questions about the very...
  13. Buick Regal to Return! - GMI Exclusive

    General Motors Discussion
    GMI Exclusive: Buick Regal to Return! GM approves Regal for North America. January 10, 2009 By: Nsap Just a few weeks ago GMI reported that the much-coveted Buick Regal that just launched in China recently was not yet approved for the North American market. At the time of...
  14. GMi: Member Jry buys a Hybrid, a Ford Hybrid

    Member's Driveway
  15. what's up with GMI?

    The Lounge
    Ever since yesterday GMI has been off the net. (At least it is on 2 computers on 2 different networks) Any ideas why? :confused:
  16. GMi RUMOR: Cutting A Division?

    General Motors Discussion
    mentioned in passing in a WallStreetJournal article this morning, "...People briefed on the matter say the auto maker also has discussed killing off at least one future Hummer SUV product, and potentially axing another brand." the possibility got another 'voice' this evening: link to GMI...
  17. GMi Member Spots the First MKS In a Public Parking Lot

    Lincoln Discussion
    GMi Member Spots the First MKS In a Public Parking Lot For Lincoln Fans who have waited a long time to see a production Lincoln MKS, the wait may be coming to an end soon. A GMi Member Bigbuck16 snapped a few shots of the Vehicle. The workmanship looks to be very good with tight gaps and...
  18. Bentley/others facing a GreenDeath? OR.... (via DetNews & GMI)

    European Competition
    interesting article and more interesting comment imho... DetNews: Bentley, and luxury cars generally, face life or death struggle by Neil Winton One headline made me do a double-take at the annual Geneva Car Show early in March. "Geneva 2008: Bentley to go 120 G/km by 2012" Let me try and...
  19. Is anyone here NOT from GMI?

    The Lounge
    Just wondering out loud.
  20. GMi: Le General Unveils Small-Block V-8 with Direct Injection -

    General Motors Discussion
    GM Reveals Small-Block V-8 with Direct Injection - By Mike Sutton Aug. 29, 2007 MILFORD, MI – Although General Motors Corp. is dividing its resources to cover all fronts of advanced powertrain development, the future of the auto maker’s foundation OHV small-block V-8 architecture...